Call to classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group

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Call to classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group

Demonstrators in the streets of Winnipeg oppose the system of repression put in place by the authorities in Tehran.

A convoy of Iranian demonstrators made the tour of the main thoroughfares of the city of Winnipeg on Saturday to demand, among other things, Ottawa that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) be classified as a terrorist organization.

The government should label the IRGC as a terrorist organization and stop any kind of negotiation, business, trade with them, argues protest organizer Shahla Shojaei.

They will thus be limited. They will not have access to financial resources to repress the people, she continued.

The IRGC is a paramilitary organization that depends on Iranian power.

In October 2022, the Canadian government announced that 10,000 officers of the organization will be barred from entering Canada forever.

However, the IRGC is not not defined as a terrorist entity by the Canadian government. The Quds Force, one of its five branches, however, is already considered a terrorist organization by Ottawa.

In 2019, the United States decided to list the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, on their list of foreign terrorist organizations.

The repression of demonstrations in Iran by the Tehran authorities would have left more than 400 dead and 15,000 prisoners according to the NGO Iran Human Rights.

The political situation did not allow Reza Razaï, a Canadian of Iranian origin, to travel to Iran.

,My father was a political prisoner, my mother was a feminist activist and they couldn't live in a state like that. they were forced to flee the country to come here to Canada, says the man present at the demonstrations in Winnipeg.

He joined this convoy to express his solidarity with young people who do not have the right to express political opinions in his country.

And we want young people to be able to have a role in the future of Iran. And now it's not possible […] as a Canadian, I think we have a responsibility to promote human rights.

The wave of protests in Iran follows the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died on September 16, 2022 after being detained by the morality police.

My main concern is with our protesters in Iran. I'm particularly worried about political prisoners, protest organizer Shahla Shojaei said indignantly.

With information from Cedrick Noufele

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