Called 9 simple ways to protect yourself from cancer

Experts from the world Fund for cancer research called 9 simple ways to protect yourself from the deadly disease. Compliance with the recommendations will reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Названы 9 простых способов уберечься от рака

The doctors suggest to control weight, as extra pounds provoke liver cancer, mammary glands and intestine. The second step should involve regular exercise, for example, a half-hour walk. It is necessary to refuse high-calorie food and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Women daily dose of alcohol should stick to one drink, men to two.

It is important to reduce daily intake of salt to 6 grams. To reduce the risk of cancer will help failure from dietary Supplements. Women are recommended after childbirth to stick to breastfeeding.

According to statistics, 35% of cases of cancer associated with malnutrition. Smoking is to blame for 30% of malignant tumors.

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