Called common types of headaches, you need to know about

Doctors told about the most common types of headaches you should know about each. To provoke any of the conditions capable of various factors.

Названы распространенные типы головной боли, о которых нужно знать

Often cause headaches can migraine, they are usually concentrated in one part of the head. The condition is accompanied by nausea, hypersensitivity to noise and light. Also blame headaches can become fiznagruzki, but usually the problem is short-term. Sometimes, discomfort treat hormonal background, they usually occur in women during menstruation, menopause or during pregnancy.

Provoke symptoms are capable of inflammation of the sinuses, then the pain is localized in the nose area, and cheekbones. Pain in the back or neck can indicate arthritis, and gastric headaches occur when the body is faced with the need to digest carbohydrates and sugar, the increased volume of gases in the stomach. The most common tension headaches, they occur pressure around the forehead. Is frontal, bilateral pain is associated with fatigue or manifested as a result of the surge eye.

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