Called “diet” foods, not slimming

Beauty blogger Irina shark, which previously revealed the beauty secrets of Oriental women, said that after the birth she was able to lose 25 pounds.

Названы «диетические» продукты, не способствующие похудению

On his page in Instagram she told about how she did it.

First Irina was asked to pay attention to some foods that are considered diet, but in fact they prevent you lose weight.

It is best to limit their use or to abandon them altogether.

Low fat foods is completely useless without the fat protein and calcium is not absorbed by the body, also receives a signal of saturation, so 15 minutes after such a meal you already want to eat again. By the way, to add such products some edible, manufacturers add sweetener.
Porridges of fast preparation — in addition to fast carbs, flavors and extra pounds – you get nothing, alas.
Fresh juices — sugar in its purest form, a nightmare for losing weight.
Protein bars — many people think that the athletes eat them, so it’s good for, but there it was. One bar for calories to replace a full meal or a piece of cake!
Nuts, seeds and dried fruits — the benefits are enormous, and the same calories, per day you can eat no more than 20 g.

Nuts and dried fruits have to soak for 30 minutes in water and then rinse well, many people overlook this point and eaten in the form in which purchased, but it is necessary to wash out and you will see how dirty the water will be.

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