Called effective way to lose weight in your sleep

Under the right conditions aktiviziruyutsya hormone which helps to lose weight in your sleep, rejuvenate and maintain the beauty.

Назван эффективный способ худеть во сне

It is necessary to observe a certain mode, which told the dietician-nutritionist is the Hope of Pachinko on his page in Instagram.

“Meet a hormone that burns fat somatropin. It increases muscle mass. And we all know the more muscle, the more calories you will use up your body for life. Due to this hormone the breakdown of fat occurs in the main problem areas – the belly and waist” she said.

According to experts, the pituitary gland synthesizes the hormone from 22:00 to 2:00 in the morning when the excess fat out of the body. This accelerates the process of cell regeneration, slows aging, strengthens the immune system.

However, production of the hormone often blocked due to excessive excess weight, late sleep, overeating in the evening or habits to go to bed with a full stomach.

“To run the main fat burning hormone somatotropin? For this you must follow some important rules: set your mode. Go to bed no later than 23:00. Sleep duration should not be less than 6-7 hours,” she explained.

You also need to avoid late-night dinners, or rather, the last meal should be three hours before bedtime. Also, you can’t go to bed with a full stomach.?

“Eliminate high carbohydrate foods in the evening, which provoke the release of insulin. Euroopasse the main hormone that blocks the production of somatotropin,” said the expert.

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