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Cameras will soon be mandatory in cars, they will closely monitor your driving

A new regulation will soon require drivers to be filmed in their cars.

Mobile phone, latest generation navigation screen, digital tablet…the temptations to leave the road of eyes are more and more numerous in cars. Just like the number of stops by law enforcement and accidents caused by motorists not sufficiently focused on their driving. To combat this growing scourge, new security standards are being implemented. emerge. Particularly at the European level with the underlying objective being displayed. from zero deaths on the roads to the horizon 2050. A new regulation, called General Safety Regulation 2, will also come into force on July 7, 2024 in France, as in all other countries of the European Union. 

In particular, it will require car manufacturers to integrate sensors into each of their new vehicles. For what purpose ? To observe the behavior of drivers. If these facial sensors detect a prolonged period of inattention, light alerts on the dashboard are activated to force the driver à rest his gaze on the road. According to BFM, which was able to test this mandatory system à from summer Next, this system must warn the driver when he takes his eyes off the road for more than 6 seconds   a speed between 20 and 50 kilometers/hour and beyond of 3.5 seconds if it leads to more than 50km/h. A typical message "Look at the road" (look at the road) with colors is then displayed on the dashboard to remind the driver that he must concentrate on his driving.

And in two years, European regulations will take another turn. On this date, car manufacturers will have the obligation to integrate a camera into all their new vehicles. Smile, you are being filmed. Yes, but for what purpose?? Like the sensors, this infrared camera, probably integrated into the steering wheel, will be used to analyze the position and orientation of the head but it will also be able to detect the blinking of the eyes and the rate of closing of the eyelids. In addition to detecting whether the driver is looking elsewhere, on his Smartphone for example, the camera will thus prevent the person seated from becoming drowsy. behind the wheel. Là also, light signals will be sent to regain the driver's attention. But manufacturers will also be able to add to this. this device provides sound alerts, more effective for &wake" the conductor.

While some may soon complain about being filmed in their own car, the loss of attention on the road , voluntary (distraction) or not (drowsiness), is responsible for many traffic accidents each year. It is also good to remember that for safety Of all, it is forbidden to make telephone calls while driving, an offense punishable by a deduction of 3 points from the license and a fine of 135%. euros, and that it is highly recommended. motorists to take a break every two hours, in order to limit fatigue while driving.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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