Camille Lellouche: his brother unveils a photo of the comedian for his birthday


Camille Lellouche: her brother reveals a photo of the comedian for his birthday

Camille Lellouche celebrated his 36th birthday this Friday, June 10. The opportunity for the comedian’s brother to take out the files!

Camille enters her 37th year with a heart filled with joy. Indeed, we learned recently, the young woman with multiple hats is waiting for a happy event! The news had the effect of a bomb on social networks. On May 17, Camille shared a photo of her already rounded baby bump on Instagram. Impossible to hide. The singer makes no mystery. She immediately announced it, it’s a little girl that she will welcome in October with her companion. A first child for the couple. If the identity of the dad remains unknown to the public, Camille is full of praise for his companion.

Camille Lellouche has been in the spotlight for ten years now. It’s in the cinema that the mother-to-be began her career. In 2012, she played one of the main roles in Rebecca Zlotowski's Grand Central alongside Léa Seydoux. Hilarious, Camille has always been. At the same time, she distinguished herself on social networks by posting humorous videos. Finally, the young woman is also a talented singer. In 2015, she reached the semi-finals of The Voice. It’s a real Swiss army knife, our Camille. Is talent inherited from the Lellouches? In the Lellouche family, we ask for the brother!

Camille's brother pays tribute to his sister

Like many celebrities, Camille shares in an Instagram story the birthday wishes that she’ she receives. Among the many messages, one was particularly moving. Maxime Lellouche, brother of the young woman, shared a childhood snapshot of his lifelong accomplice. In the photo, we see the young Camille affectionately take her brother by the neck. When we see their adorable faces, we are struck by the resemblance of this brother to his sister. Besides, who is Maxime Lellouche? The other Lellouche is also a celebrity. It’s on his side in the kitchen that he exercises his talents. He is the owner and chef of the Konvives restaurant in Paris. In an interview for Gala, Camille spoke about this complicit relationship “It’s my little life”she said.