Camp among the alpacas


Camping among alpacas

The stars of the site are undoubtedly the alpacas.

Those who love animals and the outdoors can now enjoy new facilities at the Alpaga Bersi farm in Chicoutimi. For the past few days, five campsites for tents and recreational vehicles and an eco-lodge have been accessible.

The co-owner of the premises, Monique Simard, indicates that the idea is first arrival of visitors to the farm.

“People would come to visit the site and they said they wanted to extend their stay with the alpacas and see how the alpacas behave in the evening. »

— Monique Simard, co-owner, Ferme Alpaga Bersi

The owners also wanted to diversify the farm's agrotourism offer.

On the site, a small chalet can accommodate two adults and two children.

The interior of the chalet has been furnished to be comfortable.

My daughter wanted to take over and, as she explained to me, just alpacas and haskaps, it will be more difficult. That's where she said that we could perhaps have eco-cottages, says the other co-owner, Réjean Bergeron.

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">There are five campgrounds available on-site for tents and RVs.

As the farm is located in an agricultural zone, the owners had to take long steps to develop this new offer.

What we wanted was not a dezoning complete agricultural, it was to have a complementary use, that is to say the agritourism side, explains Réjean Bergeron.

The co-owner wants to add four more eco-lodges for the summer of 2023. He is building them himself.

Next year, four additional eco-lodges should be built on the farm grounds.

Currently, we have a chalet what we call a nature accommodation which is ideal for a family of four and later, our plans are to make others which will be ideal for a couple, concludes Monique Simard .

Based on the report by Béatrice Rooney


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