Campaign Day 19: Belonging, Telecommunications and Housing | Elections Quebec 2022

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19th Campaign Day: Belonging, Telecommunications and Housing | Elections Quebec 2022

Some places in the area still don't have access to cellular signal (archives).

On the 19th day of the provincial election campaign, the PQ candidate in Matane—Matapédia, Pascal Bérubé, talks about the importance of candidates belonging to their riding. Catherine Cyr-Wright, from Québec Solidaire (QS) offers solutions to counter the housing shortage and to connect all of Gaspésie to the Internet as well as to the cellular network.

The PQ candidate in Matane—Matapédia, Pascal Bérubé, says he does not share the opinion of his conservative opponent, Alexandre Leblanc, on the relevance for an elected official to live in the territory he intends to represent. /p>

A native of Sept-Îles, Mr. Leblanc said earlier this week that a candidate who does not come from outside does not have the perspective necessary to propose new ideas.

Conservative candidate in the riding of Matane-Matapédia Alexandre Leblanc (archives)

Candidate Pascal Bérubé strongly disagrees with this approach.

He can claim that it's free "chez nous", but "chez nous2 for him, it's in Sept-Îles. I, Matane, is my riding, but my riding is also Matapédia, says Mr. Bérubé.

Moreover, even though he obtained nearly 69.4% of the vote in the last elections of 2018, Pascal Bérubé takes nothing for granted for October 3.

MP since 15 years old, Mr. Bérubé seeks the confidence of voters in order to obtain a sixth term. He does not rule out a turnaround.

Nothing is played in this campaign, he believes. When you have already lost a campaign by 33 votes, which [was] my case in 2007, you say to yourself that it can be played by a few votes. That's the message I give to people who say they support me, [who say] that I'm still going to win. No, we don't know.

Québec solidaire wants to counter the housing shortage by putting an end to summer evictions.

When summer comes, many Gaspesians have to leave their accommodation or their rented house in order to make room to tourists who rent them in turn, vacation time.

Catherine Cyr-Wright, candidate for Québec solidaire in the riding of Bonaventure

QS candidate in Bonaventure, Catherine Cyr-Wright, explains that it is important to better regulate rentals tourism in Quebec, but also in the region, in order to remedy the lack of housing.

We also want to put an end to "evictions", she says, then control the transformation of houses and accommodation into tourist residences by forcing the platforms to verify the legality of the accommodation to be made themselves, then by accentuating the ;Inspection of all illegal Airbnb-type rentals.

Percé and Carleton-sur-Mer have so far regulated the conversion of single-family residences into tourist accommodation .

In addition, Québec solidaire wants to repatriate telecommunications powers from the federal government in order to improve cellular coverage in the regions.

All Gaspesians should have access to the same telecommunications services as residents of major centres, argues Québec solidaire

Catherine Cyr-Wright feels that Ottawa is not doing its job on this file. She argues that this proposal would have great benefits in Baie-des-Chaleurs.

So that's how we're going to regulate the telecommunications sector by requiring companies to guarantee a very high-speed internet network and access to the cellular network and the Internet, which will be 30% cheaper everywhere in the territory. So our new Quebec CRTC will be responsible, among other things, for enforcing telecommunications laws in Quebec, in terms of quality and affordability, she explains.

Several municipalities still do not have access to a reliable signal, for example Saint-Elzéar-de-Bonaventure, Cascapédia—Saint-Jules and Saint-Alphonse-de-Caplan.

For their part, the representatives of the unions affiliated with the FTQ in Gaspésie are taking advantage of the provincial election campaign to present the issues facing workers in the regions.

Rise in the cost of life, opening up of the region, lack of housing, union representatives are asking the next government to act on these issues.

Representatives of unions affiliated with the FTQ believe that #x27;it is necessary to respond to these issues to keep them working in the regions, but also to make new families want to settle there.

With information from Roxanne Langlois, Kim Bergeron and Louis Lessard

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