Campaign office and electoral signs: vandalism again denounced in Outaouais | Elections Quebec 2022

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Campaign office and election signs: vandalism again denounced in the Outaouais | Élections Quebec 2022

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About fifty election signs installed in the Aylmer sector were vandalized overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, according to André Fortin's team.

The number of vandalized election signs is multiplying in the Outaouais, less than two weeks before polling day. The campaign office of the outgoing MP for Pontiac was also vandalized and the CAQ candidate in the same riding saw her signs disappear in municipalities.

Wednesday morning, André Fortin's team showed up at his campaign office in the Aylmer sector. Graffiti was on one of the windows.

I have never seen that in a campaign in the Aylmer sector. I have never seen that in the Outaouais, at least, not of this magnitude, argued the Liberal candidate. We have heard about the climate of this campaign […], but […] to know that we have gone so far as to vandalize campaign offices, where volunteers are usually found, I find that we have reached a level that we had not reached.

The Liberal Party du Québec (PLQ) in Outaouais indicates that it has filed a complaint with the police.

About fifty signs installed in the area were also vandalized, denounced Mr. Fortin. For the moment, he does not know if they will be removed, but one thing is certain, his team will not have enough signs to replace those that have been vandalized.

Signs are one thing, but the campaign office that was also vandalized, that's a little more disturbing, it's a little more difficult to grasp, launched Mr. Fortin in an interview. It's a campaign office where volunteers come, where people come to spend their day, their evening volunteering.

André Fortin believes that this kind of misdeed has no place in politics.

Corinne Canuel-Jolicoeur, candidate for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), recounts having traveled thousands of kilometers and visited all the municipalities in the riding of Pontiac where she is trying to dislodge André Fortin.

I did all the municipalities, even Rapides-des-Joachims which is very far away, she gave as an example.

Electoral signs were installed in each of she supports the candidate.

I went to meet people, I went door to door in all the municipalities, but I sometimes arrive in a municipality where I no longer have any signs, she testifies. It's difficult when you want to get elected if the municipality thinks you haven't even visited them.

And ten days before the election , Ms. Canuel-Jolicoeur says it is difficult to replace each of the hundreds of vandalized and missing signs.

According to Corinne Canuel-Jolicoeur, hundreds of signs have been vandalized or are missing since the start of the election campaign.

We make sure to have them in all the municipalities, we make sure to replace them, but we are reaching a point where it is more difficult, he explains. she. We cannot replace him at the moment, we are at the end of the campaign.

The CAQ has already filed a complaint with the police for vandalism since the start of the election campaign.

The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) in Outaouais said, a few days ago, not having filed a complaint for a vandalized sign in Shawville and stolen signs in Hull and Pontiac. This time, the police were made aware of the events.

The Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) indicates that it has received less than 10 complaints concerning thefts and/or misdeeds on electoral signs in various sectors of the City, and aimed at different political parties.

On September 7, this figure was more like four.

Québec solidaire (QS) denounces these acts of vandalism. The party believes that the candidates and their teams, made up mostly of volunteers, must be able to display themselves and share their proposals in complete safety.

With information from Catherine Morass

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