Can a person's location be tracked without them knowing it by Whatsapp?


    Is it possible to track a person's location without them knowing it through Whatsapp?

    Whatsapp is the most downloaded and used instant messaging application in the world. And it contributes to this that the 'app' of Meta  continuously innovating and incorporating novelties and improvements.

    For example, in matters of privacy, Whatsapp is always implementing options so that communications are secret, with initiatives such as end-to-end encryption -which means that messages are not stored on servers and therefore are only stored on terminals shipping and receiving-.

    Access to your information

    One of the latest privacy improvements is that it allows users to choose who can see their profile picture, last connection, status and personal information  included in its description.

    On the other hand, the read confirmations, known as blue ticks because they turn blue when the receiver has received the message. and open the chat to read it, they also have privacy options.

    However, it also has tricks to circumvent this privacy, such as one that offers the possibility of knowing where a contact is without the need for them to send their location.

    and the option for the contact in question to voluntarily send their location, also in real time.

    With WhatsApp Web

    But now, it also allows you to know the location of a contact without them sending it to you. To do this, you need a Windows 10 computer -it doesn't work with Apple Macs- and open Whatsapp web, the desktop version of the messaging application.

    And you have to take into account two things: that at any time WhatsApp will solve the problem. Please remove this security flaw and you won't be able to do it anymore and that this function is only valid if the other person also has Whatsapp Web active. In addition, it is also important to note that the location received is the nearby one and not the live one.

    The steps to follow are:

    • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard to open task manager.

    • Press Win + R to open run, s type ‘cmd’ in the field and hit enter.

    • it will appear to you A command prompt will appear, where you will need to type ‘netstat-an’ and then give it intro. Then it will appear. the IP address of the other person.

    • Go to the page, put the address What did you get? and immediately it will appear to you. a nearby location of that person. The adn40 website also shares another method, but with a very controversial app.

    There is another way to find another person's location:< /p>

    • Enter the IPlogger page and click, at the bottom, on the 'Location Locator'.

    • < h2> Select the option to obtain the IPLogger code, after accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

    Copy the link to the IPLogger and send it to the other person via WhatsApp. The other person will have You will have to open the link in your browser and, thanks to this, you will be able to see your location in the selection of registered IPs.


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