Can viburnum grow near the house. The main signs you should know about

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Anyone who has dealt with this plant knows full well that it has many advantages and uses.

 Can viburnum grow near the house. Main signs you should know about

Lovers of gardening and not only plant viburnum on their plot for various reasons. Some people consider it a beautiful decoration of the neighborhood, while others believe that the plant protects the home from problems, inspires and provides energy.

Why was viburnum once used?

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Kalina is the name of a plant most gardener knows well. This is probably the reason why Viburnum provides us with such a wide range of versatile and flexible shrubs to suit our gardens.

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Winter flowers, summer flowers, fragrance, fall color, evergreen and even Viburnum berries provide it all. Sun, shade, wet and dry – viburnum for all conditions. Big, small, mass-planted, specimen planted, hedged, and even resistant to high humidity, viburnums are truly universal.

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Our ancestors believed that viburnum is a special tree that attracts happiness to the house, provides relief from amorous sorrows, and helps to find solutions in difficult situations. Kalina was once planted next to a newlywed's house to attract mutual understanding and strengthen the marriage.

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The branches and fruits of the plant are a powerful amulet. Just put a small handful of dried fruit in your pocket. If it is inconvenient to carry them, put a few branches of this tree in your bag. Then no one will be able to do any harm or evil.

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