Can you drink cocoa during pregnancy?


December 21, 2019, 08:44 | Medicine

When should you give up your favorite drink.

Can you drink cocoa during pregnancy

Many coffee lovers in the morning during pregnancy have to give up the invigorating drink and look for a more useful alternative, informs Ukr.Media.

Most likely this substitute is cocoa. Despite the fact that even children in kindergarten drink cocoa, the benefits of this drink are quite ambiguous. It turned out that the popular drink has a number of qualities, due to which expectant mothers are forbidden to use cocoa every day.


Before talking about the negative qualities of cocoa, you should understand what its benefits are. Cocoa contains a large amount of folic acid, zinc and iron, which are necessary for the body of a woman and a child during pregnancy. First, zinc and iron take an active part in the synthesis of proteins, and also carry out the function of hematopoiesis. In addition, cocoa is an excellent antidepressant, producing hormones of happiness – endorphins. A hot drink will help expectant mothers cope with apathy, irritability and sudden mood swings.

One cup of cocoa will add energy, relieve fatigue and cheer up the expectant mother in the morning. Cocoa for medical purposes is even prescribed for low blood pressure, because the drink contains caffeine. Also, the drink has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, giving it elasticity and firmness. This is especially important during pregnancy, as stretch marks may appear on the hips and stomach.

It's a shame

Cocoa is a strong allergen to which a pregnant woman's body can react quite unpredictably. If the future mother is prone to allergies, then it is better for her not to take risks and exclude cocoa from her diet. Also, the invigorating drink has a negative effect on the assimilation of calcium in the body, the lack of which can lead to serious health problems, both in the fetus and in the mother. For example, women will experience problems with their teeth, hair or nails.

Those women who are prone to high blood pressure and have chronic kidney diseases should be careful with cocoa. Considering the negative qualities of the drink, the expectant mother should consult a doctor who will allow or prohibit the use of cocoa.

If there are no contraindications, it is recommended to drink cocoa with milk. The drink should not be too concentrated, it will be enough to drink one small cup of cocoa per day. In addition, cocoa can be used in the preparation of many desserts and pastries, but do not forget that during pregnancy, sweet and floury foods can have a negative effect on the future mother's figure, so you should not abuse it.


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