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Can we drink his glass even if a fly has fallen in it? Science has addressed this essential question

Can we drink from a glass where Did a fly slip in? On the subject, science has answers to certain apriories.

Everyone already has this. Have you experienced this situation: discovering a small, reckless fly that has crashed into your glass. This is a common situation, but it raises a vital question: can you still drink your drink? The sight of a fly floating in your glass can cause an instant feeling of disgust. : it is natural to wonder if this inappropriate intrusion represents a potential inconvenience.

Science has addressed this question by pointing to the fact that insects, including flies, carry micro-organisms, including potentially pathogenic bacteria. Their contact with our drinks may give rise to concerns about the safety of our drinks. a form of contamination.

Several studies have examined The question of whether the presence of a fly in your drink is really problematic. The conclusions are reassuring: most of the microorganisms present in the bodies of insects are not dangerous for humans. In fact, the vast majority of them do not survive long in the acidic environment of our stomachs.

Sébastien Lebreton, head of department at the Research Institute in Semiochemistry and Applied Ethology of Apt, specified from Ouest-France: flies deposit bacteria and yeasts in the glass , "but nothing dangerous". Furthermore, the vast majority Flies that drink from our glasses are houseflies, they often carry fewer bacteria than you might think.

What to do if you are disgusted ;takes away?

However, some of us will prefer not to take any risks and choose to throw the drink away, while others may simply remove the fly and continue drinking. drink without hesitation. If you are faced with à In this situation, here are some practical tips:

  1. Look at the drink and the fly. If the fly has fallen into a clear, clean drink, the risks are usually minimal.

  2. If you are reluctant to let the fly float in your glass, carefully remove it.

  3. &Listen to your intuition. If the idea of ​​drinking the drink disgusts you, you might be better off ordering a new one.

  4. Keep fresh. Keep in mind that the risks of drinking a beverage with a fly are extremely low.

Ultimately, the occasional presence of a fly is extremely low. A fly in your drink shouldn't be a cause for concern. However, your own comfort and personal perception play a key role. in the way you react to it. this situation.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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