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Can we sleep with it socks in your bed? Perhaps your parents forbade it without knowing

Keeping your socks on at night, good or bad idea? The answer to this question is not trivial!

When the time comes to slip under the sheets, and it's a little chilly, a question often arises: should you keep your socks on for the night? Many adults are having the memory of parents who forbade them to keep them, for comfort or for more obscure reasons. But, even on this subject which seems anecdotal, knowledge has advanced.

For many, the feeling of sliding your feet into a pair of soft socks in bed is simply comforting. It's like a little hug for your feet, keeping them nice and warm, especially on cold winter nights. Others will need the freshness and freedom of life. offered by direct contact with the sheets. But comfort is only one of the elements to be considered. take into account.

The advantages of keep your socks on at night

Socks, keeping your feet comfortable A pleasant temperature can promote faster relaxation and easier falling asleep. Increasing the temperature of the extremities can cause the user to understand the problem. your body that it's time to fall asleep. If you tend to Having cold feet can be the key to your problem. for a more satisfying night.

Additionally, wearing socks can help with your condition. improve blood circulation. Which means your feet stay well supplied with oxygen. Furthermore, wear cotton socks after applying the product. Moisturizing cream can help with skin tone. keep your heels soft and prevent them from drying out.

It's much more anecdotal, but you should also know that an unusual study, the results of which were reported by the BBC, revealed that wearing socks to bed can impact intimacy. According to this study, simply keeping your feet warm could increase your ability to exercise. à reach orgasm by 30%. An intriguing discovery that could certainly spice up the love life of some!

Some disadvantages

However, there is a downside to this. the medal. If you choose thick socks or have a naturally high body temperature, you could quickly find yourself getting cold. "overheat". Overheating during the night can disrupt your sleep and wake you up sweating. It is therefore essential to choose light and breathable socks if you opt for this habit.

The choice of socks is therefore crucial to guarantee a comfortable night. Opt for socks made from soft natural fibers like merino wool or cotton. Avoid models that are too tight which could hinder circulation.

So, let's decide now. Can you sleep with your socks on in bed? In reality, the answer to This question is not definitive, there are pros and cons. This is clearly not recommended, there is no objection from a well-being point of view. But the answer depends especially your preferences and your tolerance for change. heat.

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