Canada donates 200 additional armored vehicles to Ukraine | War in Ukraine

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Canada donates 200 more armored vehicles to Ukraine | War in Ukraine

Defense Minister Anita Anand visited downtown Kyiv, Ukraine. Canada has announced that it will donate 200 armored vehicles to Ukraine.

Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand, who visited Kyiv, Ukraine on Wednesday morning , to meet his counterpart Oleksii Reznikov, announces that Ottawa will donate 200 additional armored vehicles.

These are Senator armored personnel carriers (APCs), which were purchased from the Canadian company Roshel, located in Mississauga, Ontario. This assistance, valued at $90 million, is part of the additional $500 million in assistance to Ukraine announced in November 2022 by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In a press release, Minister Anita Anand specifies that these armored vehicles meet a specific need expressed by Ukraine.

The sovereignty of Ukraine is important for the whole world, justified Minister Anand at a press conference in kyiv. Transport aid is the third part of aid to Ukraine, she said, also referring to the training of troops and the sending of military equipment.

Defense Minister Anita Anand met her counterpart Oleksii Reznikov in kyiv,< /p>

The Canadian Armed Forces claims that the Senator ATVs are easy to maneuver and adapt security operational vehicles.

These vehicles are equipped with the best advanced technologies, and weapons can easily be mounted on them. ATVs are used to safely transport personnel and equipment and to perform medical evacuations. Vehicle armor will help protect troops when they are unable to avoid danger, it is explained.

Ukraine's allies will meet at the US Ramstein base in Germany on Friday. Meanwhile, the Mississauga plant is running at full speed to supply the armored vehicles ordered and, ironically, 80 Ukrainian refugees are involved in their construction! A report by Louis Blouin.

Over the past few days, reports have emerged that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is pressuring Canada to send him some of his 82 German-made Leopard-2 tanks. But there is a bone: Germany does not allow countries that have bought this equipment from it to export it in turn to a third country.

Defence Minister Anita Anand is in kyiv to announce that Canada is donating 200 armored vehicles to Ukraine.

Asked about Canada's position on the delivery of Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine, Ms. Anand refused to provide further information on this subject, retorting that she was in close contact with her counterparts in allied countries and that a meeting with the new German Defense Minister was scheduled for Friday in Ramstein.

Ukrainian Minister Oleksii Reznikov said he had recently obtained the endorsement of Poland and Finland, which declared themselves ready to deliver Leopard tanks to us as part of the coalition with other States which possess these tanks. .

“For us, it is very important to continue our counter-offensive operation for the liberation of temporarily occupied territories.

—Oleksii Reznikov, Defense Minister of Ukraine

Mr. Reznikov also spoke of promising exchanges with Christine Lambrecht, a former German defense minister who resigned on Monday. She told me that they will consider giving Ukraine Leopard tanks and German tanks, Reznikov shared.

Ms. Anand says Canada's announcement reaffirms Canada's unwavering solidarity with Ukraine.

Interview with Justin Massie, co-director of the Network for Strategic Analysis and professor of political science at UQAM.

The two Ministers of Defense took stock of the state of Operation UNIFIER, a Canadian training mission that is training Ukrainians in the basics of combat in the United Kingdom and Poland.

Approximately 230 Canadian Armed Forces members are currently deployed on this operation, which has trained more than 35,000 members of Ukraine's security forces since its launch in 2015.

In addition, the ministers discussed their upcoming participation in the Ukraine Defense Advisory Group meeting scheduled to take place on January 20 at Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Ministers agreed on the importance of the Panel, which allows Ukraine's partners to hear directly from the country's representatives on the most pressing defense needs, while engaging in long-term strategic planning. The two ministers agreed to maintain their frequent bilateral talks, the statement said.

Since the start of 2022, Canada has provided over $5 billion in direct support to Ukraine , including financial, military and humanitarian assistance.

On January 10, Canada announced that it would purchase a national advanced surface-to-air missile system from the United States ( NASAMS) that it will offer to Ukraine. The value of this system is estimated at $406 million and is also part of the additional assistance that Justin Trudeau's government announced last November.

This system will help the Ukraine as part of its efforts to protect urban centers, critical infrastructure and military targets, says National Defense.

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