Canada has finished issuing its $500 million in bonds for Ukraine | War in Ukraine

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Canada has finished issuing its $500 million in bonds for Ukraine | War in Ukraine

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Canadian and foreign investors and individuals have purchased these bonds.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the $500 million in five-year bonds issued by Canada to support the Ukrainian government have found all takers.

Mr. Trudeau confirmed the fundraising results at an event Wednesday morning, adding that its success represents another show of Canada's unwavering support for Ukraine.

This initiative called Ukraine Sovereignty Bond, supported by the Government of Canada, was first announced last month.

The money from the bonds is expected to be channeled as a loan through the International Monetary Fund to Ukraine to pursue its basic operations.

The funds may not be used for lethal activities or related purchases, but may be used for non-military needs, such as paying pensions and maintaining public services, as the country continues to fight against the Russian invasion in this early winter.

The exact terms of the agreement will have to be negotiated between Kyiv and Ottawa.

The money raised is in addition to the assistance already provided to Ukraine in the form of financial or military support by Canada. So far, the Canadian contribution is estimated at some $2 billion.

According to the Department of Finance, domestic and foreign investors purchased the bonds between Nov. 22 and 29. It was stated that Canadian individuals had contributed $50 million, but the full breakdown of the contributions was not released.

In addition, Canadians who would like to participate in this initiative can still obtain vouchers sold in $100 increments at various financial institutions.

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance

The conclusion of the appeal for funds comes as the NATO military alliance also offers additional support to three states reeling from the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Moldova , Bosnia and Herzegovina and Georgia.

This renewed support by NATO comes after a meeting in Brussels between the Foreign Ministers of these three countries and their NATO counterparts. They then discussed how the largest security organization on the planet can help them in a context of political, energy and territorial insecurity.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said after the talks that the alliance had agreed to help train the three states' militaries and strengthen their security and defense institutions.

If there's one lesson learned from Ukraine, it's to help them now, Stoltenberg added from the Bucharest parliament.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was particularly painful for Moldova, Ukraine's neighbor. In particular, it suffers from a severe energy crisis due to its dependence on Russian energy.

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Over the past few weeks, Moldova has suffered terrible power outages due to Russian strikes on the Ukrainian power grid. Russian missiles also crossed its sky and debris fell on its soil. Last April, explosions took place in the breakaway region of Transnistria, where Moscow stationed 1,500 soldiers.

On Wednesday, Jens Stoltenberg told the media that Bosnia and Herzegovina, long shaken by political instability, Russian interference and ethnic tensions, is important for stability in the whole of the Western Balkans.

Protests erupted in the Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina last month after voters alleged that a pro-Russian political leader had manipulated election results. x27;an election in the Serbian Republic of Bosnia.

Bosnian Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic has admitted that her country is very worried about the future even as it is on the way to building a new government following the elections.

She said that the NATO presence is extremely important to guarantee the security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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