Canada has ratified the NATO accession protocols of Sweden and Finland | War in Ukraine


Canada has ratified the Protocols of NATO Accession of Sweden and Finland | War in Ukraine

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in the Greater Toronto Area when his cabinet announced that Canada was becoming the first NATO member to sign the Protocol of Accession of Sweden and Finland.

The process of Sweden and Finland joining the NATO x27;NATO is under way, and Canada started the ball rolling.

Today, Canada became the first country to ratify Finland's and Sweden's NATO accession protocols. The two countries are taking another step toward full member status, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office said in a statement.

The other 29 member countries quickly followed suit. the step.

Finland and Sweden are therefore taking a step closer to joining the Western bloc. But this agreement must now be ratified by the parliamentarians of each of the member countries of the alliance.

A procedure that should take several months, tempered the secretary general of the organization, Jens Stoltenberg. In a press briefing, he recalled that it had taken 12 months for the last candidate country, North Macedonia, before obtaining all the necessary approvals to join the ranks of the Alliance.

Justin Trudeau also urged his counterparts to step up the pace and ratify the agreements quickly in order to limit the possibility of interference from adversaries.

“As a founding member of NATO, Canada continues to subscribe to NATO's open door policy for any European country able to honor member commitments and obligations, such as protecting democracy and contributing to the collective defense of the Alliance.

—Justin Trudeau

The two traditionally neutral Nordic countries submitted their bids in mid-May, eager to find allies to deal with a possible expansionist push from Vladimir Putin's Russia. Since the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, neighboring countries fear that the conflict will eventually cross their borders.

The ball is now in the parliamentarians' court. All the capitals of the member countries must agree, since unanimity is necessary to open the doors of the Alliance to new members.

Yet, Turkey continues to blow hot and cold.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Finland and Sweden are hosting Kurdistan Workers' Party 'terrorists' .

At the last NATO summit in Madrid, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reached an agreement with Sweden and Finland for their candidacies to go from x27;before, an agreement that contains certain conditions. Turkey is demanding, among other things, the extradition of Kurdish activists, whom it intends to try on its territory on terrorism charges.

However, shortly after the conclusion of this agreement, Mr. Erdogan has again warned that Ankara could block the accession process if the two candidate countries do not comply with his requests.

With information from Agence France- Hurry


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