Canada increases capacity to deliver weapons to Ukraine | War in Ukraine

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Canada Increases Capabilities to Deliver Arms to Ukraine | War in Ukraine

National Defense Minister Anita Anand announced that Canada will deploy a third CC-130 aircraft and 55 additional Canadian Forces members to deliver military aid to the Ukraine.

National Defense Minister Anita Anand announced that Canada will deploy a third aircraft and additional Canadian Armed Forces personnel to a supply center in Prestwick, Scotland, to more easily deliver weapons and military equipment in Ukraine and Eastern European countries.

We are increasing our means to help Ukraine, says Ms. Anand in an interview with CBC's Rosemary Barton broadcast Sunday morning.

The Prestwick supply center in Scotland has already brought nearly $6 million worth of equipment to Ukraine since March. The addition of a third CC-130 aircraft and 55 members of the Canadian Armed Forces will allow Canada to go the extra mile.

CBC News reported earlier this week that Ukraine has asked the Canadian government for armored vehicles, howitzers and winter outfits.

Canada has already pledged 39 armored vehicles for transporting troops to Ukraine.

Ms Anand notes, however, that NATO member countries are seeking a balance between arms deliveries to Ukraine and the needs of their own armed forces, as their national stockpiles are low. She will be discussing this issue with partners in the arms industry here in Canada.

This issue is at the heart of my concerns, stresses Ms. Anand.

Since the end of the Cold War, the allies have restructured their armed forces, and they no longer have the stocks they held before, explained the professor of political science at the Royal Military College of Canada, Christian Leuprecht, in an interview with CBC earlier this week.

“Most of the help we give today comes from the reserves. It is therefore equipment that will be missing.

—Christian Leuprecht, Professor of Political Science at the Royal Military College of Canada

Since February, Canada has delivered or committed to deliver $626 million in military assistance to Ukraine. In an interview on CBC Radio's The House program, Canada's Ambassador to the United Nations, Bob Rae, said Canada cannot refuse requests from Ukraine to supply it with military equipment.

It could hurt my career, but I don't think we could answer anything other than “yes,” Mr. Rae said.

“ That's the advice I've always given. Of course, governments have to decide how fast they can do this.

— Bob Rae, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations

Calls for increased military aid to Ukraine come amid counter-offensives in the east and south of the country and the announcement by Russia of the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists. Russia has also held referendums in the Ukrainian territories it occupies.

In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin last week threatened to use arms nuclear. But according to Minister Anand, Vladimir Putin's decision to threaten nuclear war and the recall of reservists are acts of disarray.

According to a text by Christian Paas-Lang, CBC

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