Canada's agriculture ministers agree on 5-year policy framework


Canada’s Agriculture Ministers Agree on 5-Year Policy Framework

The federal government will provide an additional $500 million to the sector to support development sustainable agriculture. (Archive)

The annual conference of agriculture ministers concluded on Friday with the presentation of the Canadian partnership for sustainable agriculture. This is the 5-year policy framework developed by representatives of the provinces, territories and the federal government.

The federal government will provide an additional $500 million to the sector to support the sustainable development of agriculture.

Ministers also agreed to set a target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions between 3 and 5 megatonnes, in particular by reducing emissions caused by fertilizers.

The Minister Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau, welcomes the discussions and the commitments made during this meeting. It is important that we have an objective that is ambitious, she says.

The challenge and the importance that everyone contributes to this consultation is to see how we can go as far as possible in this direction, she says.

The greenhouse gas reduction target is of concern to the governments of Saskatchewan and Alberta, however, which they made known by via joint press release.

Director of the Agri-food Analytical Sciences Laboratory at Dalhousie University, Sylvain Charlebois, argues that the federal government's greenhouse gas target is too ambitious.

He believes that this could lead some producers to turn to the production of vegetable proteins. What we are trying to do is that we does not necessarily want to encourage producers to produce differently, explains Mr. Charlebois.

We want to force the provinces to reorient their agricultural sectors and favor certain sectors over others.

With information from Noémie Rondeau


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