Canada's Minister of Official Languages ​​meets with Fransaskois communities


Canada's Minister of Official Languages ​​meets with Fransaskois communities

Representatives of Fransaskois associations spoke about the issues facing Francophones in the province during their meeting with the Minister of Official Languages, Ginette Petitpas Taylor. (archives)

Official Languages ​​Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor attended a consultation session with representatives of Fransaskois associations on Friday as part of the next Plan five-year action plan.

The objective was to understand the various issues faced by Francophones in Saskatchewan.

Representatives of Fransaskois associations addressed the issue of post-secondary programs that push some students to enroll in English-speaking universities or to leave the province to take courses in French.

The President of the Association jeunesse fransaskoise, Kassandra Hipkins, regrets that there are not enough programs in French in the province.

Most of my friends chose a French-language university in Ottawa or Montreal because we don't have many programs in Saskatchewan, she says.

The priority for the president of the Fransaskois Community Assembly, Denis Simard, is the modernization of the Official Languages ​​Act. We can't wait for it to pass, all the questions on the language clauses.

Minister of Official Languages, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, emphasized the need to meet with the different communities Francophones, in minority and majority communities.

For me, it is very important to make sure that we go to all the provinces and all the territories to hear the priorities of the area, she underlines .

These consultations, she said, will allow the department to develop its 2023-2028 Action Plan.

The pan-Canadian consultations on official languages ​​will continue with two final meetings in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in early August.

With information from Noémie Rondeau


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