Candidates in Côte-du-Sud commit to health | Elections Quebec 2022

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Candidates in Côte-du-Sud commit to health | &Elections Quebec 2022

To ensure the most complete service possible, candidates suggest using CLSC services.

The candidates of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), Sylvain Lemieux and Quebec Solidaire (QS), Guillaume Dufour, in the riding of Côte-du-Sud presented their priorities. It was mainly a question of the field of health, with access to care, and veterinary medicine.

PLQ candidate Sylvain Lemieux wants to make local health care his most important issue. If he is elected on October 3, he wants to put local management back in the heart of Kamouraska, in particular at the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima hospital in La Pocatière.

He was also one of the instigators of the citizen march for the maintenance of care in the region in May 2017 in La Pocatière. A march that led to the creation of the citizen committee “My care remains here”.

“I want to know where my money is going. 50% of our taxes go to health care and the emergency rooms are always full and we are not able to operate! »

— Sylvain Lemieux, Quebec Liberal Party candidate for Côte-du-Sud

Sylvain Lemieux presents his priorities for the riding of Côte-du-Sud.

A speech on the decentralization of the management of health care shared by the candidate of Quebec Solidaire, Guillaume Dufour. We want more local management that is more oriented towards the needs of the population and local care, confirms the candidate.

It proposes to use the already existing structures of the local community service centers (CLSC). They would cover physical care, mental health care, prevention and provide social services. One way to compensate for the lack of a family doctor and also to relieve the emergency room according to the candidate.

“The CLSCs have been somewhat disinvested in recent years and we want them to become the first gateway to the network of health. […] They would be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

— Guillaume Dufour, candidate for Québec solidaire, Côte-du-Sud

Guillaume Dufour defends the colors of Québec solidaire for the second time in the riding of Côte-du-Sud.

Regarding seniors and the most vulnerable, the two candidates have a different vision. Sylvain Lemieux proposes to improve the existing offer, for example by moving the Foyer d'Youville in Montmagny to an appropriate building with staff and tools adapted to the needs of the clientele completes the candidate.

The QS candidate, Guillaume Dufour, remains in the priorities of his party and aims more at supporting people who wish to stay at home rather than in institutions. Québec solidaire wants to double the home care offer and set up an allowance program for caregivers that could reach $15,000, tax-free, per year. The candidate continues on the commitments of his political family concerning the personnel. We want to improve working conditions to help solve this labor shortage there, adds Guillaume Dufour. Mandatory overtime (TSO) is also singled out as a staff retention issue.

“We want to end mandatory overtime for employee health. »

— Guillaume Dufour, candidate for Québec solidaire, Côte-du-Sud

The party also wants to abolish healthcare placement agencies and introduce a law on safe ratios the number of patients an employee can care for.

The PLQ candidate continues to support the file of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at La Pocatière. It was the ITAQ file that made me go into politics, explains Sylvain Lemieux.

He reminds us that all the infrastructures exist in La Pocatière. I will not let go of this file which is dear to me as long as the name of La Pocatière does not appear in the implementation study, ends the candidate.

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