Canso, N.S., spaceport will be ready for a suborbital test flight this summer

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Canso Spaceport, NS will be ready for a suborbital test flight this summer

This screenshot from a Maritime Launch Services video simulation shows an artistic depiction of the launch of a Ukrainian Cyclone-4M rocket. Those launches will arrive later this year or next year.

The company building Canada's first-ever commercial spaceport says a launch of ;trial, suborbital, from northeast Nova Scotia should be ready by early summer.

We have finally received permission to begin space construction, says Maritime Launch Services CEO Steve Matier.

We are preparing everything necessary for a first launch mid-year.

He explains that work that began last September on an access road to the launch site near Canso is nearing completion.

The trajectory over the Atlantic Ocean. The Nova Scotia launch site under construction is on the left of the map.

It's a very very good region for all things orbital launch, says the CEO .

It'sa place that allows us to carry out our launches in complete safety, flying over the ocean on the course of the rockets.

“This is a place that is auspicious like no other.

—Steve Matier, CEO of Maritime Launch Services

Steve Matier says the next step will be to pour a small slab of concrete to accommodate a small-scale launch. This will send a rocket briefly into space, which will then fall back to Earth.

He says his company plans to make its first commercial launch in 2025, using a larger, Ukrainian-made rocket.

It was about time Canada could too. belong to this exclusive club of pitchers, believes the CEO.

Steve Matier, President of Maritime Launch Services, explains the spaceport project December 11, 2017 in Dartmouth.

Today we have the support of the government and Minister Alghabra as well to have a regime that can allow companies like ours to launch with regulations that can allow us to develop our activities.

The federal government announced last week that it will develop strict regulatory requirements, safety standards and rigorous licensing conditions for satellite launches from Canada over the next three years.

Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra

In the meantime, the government intends to approve space launches on a case-by-case basis, said federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra last Friday during a visit to the Canadian Space Agency in Longueuil.

Ottawa wants to ensure that any launch, including its payload, is analyzed and approved in a way that respects Canadian laws and international conventions and treaties, explained Dear Minister Alghabra.

With information from The Canadian Press and Téléjournal Acadie

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