Capitol riot investigation does not rule out live Trump testimony

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Capitol riot investigation does not rule out live Trump testimony

Former US President Donald Trump at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas

The US Committee Investigating the x27;Capitol riot won't give Donald Trump the chance to turn a possible live broadcast of his testimony into a “circus,” one of its members, Republican Liz Cheney, said Sunday.

The committee has subpoenaed Mr. Trump to appear next month, around November 14, and demanded that he hand over documents relevant to its investigation by November 4

To avoid a long and complex legal battle, Mr. Trump reportedly told his associates that he could agree to testify if it was televised live.

When& #x27;Was asked if the committee would consider this possibility, Ms. Cheney did not directly answer.

We are going to proceed to the examination under oath of the former president, she argued on the airwaves of NBC. This may take several days, and it will be done with a level of rigor, discipline and seriousness that the matter deserves. We're not going to allow that. He's not going to turn this into a circus, as she says has been seen in her previous TV appearances, including at the 2020 presidential debates.

His office later clarified that the Jan. 6 committee did not rule out the possibility of live testimony. He did not indicate what form this might take to avoid becoming a circus.

It is unclear how Mr. Trump and his legal team will react. He could comply or negotiate with the committee, announce he will defy the subpoena, or ignore it altogether.

It's possible that Mr. Trump's lawyers will simply choose to overstay the subpoena if they go to court to try to have it overturned, as the committee needs to complete its work of subpoena. ;by the end of the year.

Last week, Steve Bannon, a longtime ally of Mr. Trump, was sentenced to four months in prison after he defied a subpoena from the same committee. He remains free pending an appeal. Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro is also awaiting trial next month on similar charges of contempt of Congress.

The documents requested include all communications referring to extremist groups coming to Washington, pressure on state lawmakers to reject the 2020 election results, and messages about Vice President Mike Pence, whom Mr. Trump was pushing to s& #x27;oppose President Joe Biden's victory.

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