CAQ candidates expelled from the Montreal demonstration for the climate | Elections Quebec 2022

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CAQ candidates expelled from the Montreal climate demonstration | Élections Quebec 2022

Outgoing Environment Minister Benoit Charette and his peers were obviously not welcome.

Benoit Charette and several CAQ candidates were greeted with a brick and a lantern at a climate demonstration on Friday in Montreal.

A press briefing from the Minister of x27;Environment outgoing Benoit Charette went chaotically on Friday as the candidate prepared to take part in a demonstration on climate change in Montreal.

Accompanied by a few outgoing ministers and candidates, including Pierre Fitzgibbon and Chantal Rouleau, Benoit Charette was insulted and abruptly interrupted by demonstrators, including some organizers of the demonstration.

The caquist was bragging about his party's environmental record during a press briefing at Jeanne-Mance Park, around 12:15 p.m., when an agitated crowd began to inveigh and criticize him.

Commit or quit, you're not welcome, outside the CAQ, chanted several demonstrators.

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When asked if he still intended to take part in the demonstration despite the agitated crowd, the outgoing minister answered yes, of course, mentioning that he had attended several walks since 2019.

A strong police presence surrounded the politicians, who then headed near the Monument to George-Étienne Cartier, located in Mount Royal Park.

The insults and cries of the demonstrators amplified and the CAQ politicians left the scene around 1:20 p.m.

Several demonstrators then chanted na na na na, hey, hey, good-bye.

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Montreal demonstrated for the planet on Friday.

Later in the afternoon, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Manon Massé joined the demonstration.

Regarding the treatment that protesters and organizers had reserved for the candidates of the Coalition avenir Québec, the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire said the following: If they govern Quebec for four years and what; they do is mainly defend the third link, I think it's normal that young people who are worried about the future are not very happy to see them in their manifestation.

The organizers of the demonstration had nevertheless warned politicians that those who do not share the climate demands of the coalition demonstrating on Friday in Montreal should not present themselves at the march.

If these politicians do not share our demands, no, they are not welcome, said François Geoffroy, spokesperson for Workers for Climate Justice, which is part of the coalition, during a point of view. press Friday morning.

When we participate in a demonstration, it is usually because we support the demands, added Véronique Laflamme, spokesperson for FRAPRU and member of the coalition.

Coalition of unions, student bodies and community groups are holding protests in several cities around the Quebec, in order to demand in particular the complete exit from oil and gas by 2030.

The first demand is for a complete exit from fossil fuels, both in terms of production and consumption by 2030, so it's a radical demand that presupposes in-depth transformations of our society. But this is the discourse we want to put forward, because unfortunately, we have been dragging our feet in the transformation of our societies for 30 years, and there, we are facing a wall, said François Geoffroy.

Asked to clarify whether this demand involves no longer using gasoline-powered vehicles by 2030, the spokesperson responded effectively, before adding: Currently, the Legault government wants to ban the sale of new petrol cars from 2035. This is an extremely important step, but it comes too late, it is considered that the step must be taken more quickly.

In an email to The Canadian Press on Thursday evening, Marie-Josée Parent, media relations manager for the coalition, said ahead of the protest: We ask [party] leaders to come march only if #x27;they endorse our demands. They will also be asked to march at the end of the demonstration as a sign of humility in the face of the magnitude of this crisis, which must go beyond partisanship.

On Friday morning, the Coalition avenir Québec sent an email to The Canadian Press indicating that several members of the party would participate in the march in Montreal in the afternoon.

The Coalition's delegation avenir Québec will be represented by the Minister of the Environment and MP for Deux-Montagnes, Mr. Benoit Charette. He will be accompanied by several other ministers as well as a dozen candidates from the Coalition avenir Québec, could we read in the email.

The team of PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon had also planned to participate in the Global Strike for Climate Justice demonstration, organized by La Planète s'invite au Parlement, but in the morning, Mr. St-Pierre-Plamondon had to cancel activities for the day due to “flu-like symptoms”.

These groups are also calling for the taxation of wealth, in order to reinvest massively in public services and social programs so that this transition does not lead to further increases in social inequality.

Mobilizations are planned in Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Rimouski, Trois-Rivières, Rouyn-Noranda, l'Assomption, Saint-Jérôme, Granby, Mont-Laurier and Victoriaville.

It is the future of future generations that is at stake. However, it is the search for economic growth that still guides the vision of governments, regardless of the consequences, explained Amélie Beaulé, delegate of the Student Association of Cégep Saint-Laurent.

The Planet invites itself to Parliament, the Student Front of climate action, the Student Coalition for an Environmental and Social Shift – CEVES, the Popular Action Front in Urban Redevelopment (FRA PRU), Workers for Climate Justice (TJC), Mouvement d'popular education et d'communautaire du Québec (MEPACQ) are part of the coalition.

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