Car dealerships began to close en masse in Russia


Car dealerships began to close en masse in Russia

Dozens of car dealerships of famous world brands in the Russian Federation stop their work. They have nothing to sell, because the import of cars to Russia has actually stopped.

A wave of closings of car dealerships has begun in Russia. Many official dealers are curtailing their business, because they cannot work under sanctions. This was reported by the agency “AUTOSTAT”.

According to its data, 160 car dealerships were closed in the Russian Federation from April to June. Most of them traded in cars of brands that supported the sanctions and left the Russian market. Now they simply have nothing to sell – dealer warehouses are empty.

Car dealerships began to close en masse in the Russian Federation

Chevrolet is in the lead – 35 of its dealerships have stopped working. It is noteworthy that most of the models sold in Russia were produced not in the USA, but in Uzbekistan at the UzAuto Motors enterprise.

The second place is taken by Jaguar Land Rover dealerships (11 closed), and the third is Peugeot (7). In addition, 6 Renault showrooms, 5 Cadillac showrooms, 3 Mini showrooms, 2 Opel and Volvo showrooms have closed.

At the same time, 59 new dealerships have opened and almost all of them represent Chinese brands. In fact, the import of cars in the Russian Federation comes only from this country. So, Exeed opened 13 showrooms, Chery – 7, and Geely – 5. In total, 3102 car dealerships are now registered in the Russian Federation, while in April there were 3203.

Automotive market experts predict a further reduction in the number of dealerships. Earlier, the director of the large Russian car importer Rolf, Svetlana Vinogradova, said that only 1,600 car dealerships could remain in the Russian Federation by the end of the year.


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