Carbon cutting commitments “important step forward,” but not enough, says UN chief

Carbon cutting commitments “important step forward,” but not enough, says UN chief

Carbon cutting commitments "important step forward," but not enough, says UN chief

United Nations, December 13: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Saturday that the latest carbon cutting commitments announced by world leaders are “an important step forward,” but not enough.

“Today, there was an important step forward, but it’s not yet enough,” the UN chief told reporters at a virtual press stakeout while the virtual Climate Ambition Summit 2020 was still being held.

Talking about the new pledges and commitments announced by world leaders to cut carbon, the UN chief said that “we still need to bring on board several big emitters. We need, still, to be able to have a much stronger mobilization of the business community, the financial sector, the asset managers.”

The secretary-general applauded the direction that the world is heading to, while warning that “there’s still a long way to go.”

In his opening remarks at the press stakeout, the secretary-general said that “these are courageous decisions that deserve to be emulated. At least 24 countries have now announced new commitments, strategies or plans to reach net zero or carbon neutrality.”

He added that “commitments from EU countries, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and today Argentina and the incoming U.S. administration are establishing a clear carbon neutrality benchmark for G20 countries.”

Referring to technology transfer, the UN chief said that “one of the most important aspects of the solidarity, at the present moment, is to make sure that technologies that are necessary for the green transition must be made available to developing countries.”

“To push for that, not only we need to increase the official development assistance, but we need to use all the instruments, namely, international financial institutions, national development banks and others, to create the conditions to attract, through guarantees, through partnerships, through other forms, the private investment and the private finance that are essential for this technological transfer to be fully effective,” added the secretary-general.

Around 70 heads of state and government took part in the virtual climate summit, which was organized by the United Nations, Britain and France. They outlined new pledges and commitments to curb carbon.

Source: Xinhua

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