Cardinal Ouellet comes out of his silence

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Cardinal Ouellet comes out of his silence

Cardinal Marc Ouellet is close to Pope Francis.

“I have nothing to hide,” writes Cardinal Marc Ouellet, breaking his silence after Thursday's revelations of a second investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, after which he was cleared by the Vatican.

In a message signed by him, Bishop Ouellet explains that he has wanted to respect the confidentiality of the procedures provided for by the Vatican until now when such allegations are made against members of the high clergy.

An article published Thursday by the Catholic magazine Golias Hebdo, in France, revealed that the cardinal was the subject of a denunciation in the fall of 2020, which brings the number of complainants against him to two. In both cases, a preliminary investigation has concluded that there are no grounds to support the allegations against him.

The new complainant is known only by the pseudonym of Marie and the details of his allegations have not been disclosed.

“I confirm that I have voluntarily participated in an investigation into this complaint and have fully cooperated in this regard. I have nothing to hide and have been transparent in this process. »

— Marc Ouellet

Cardinal Ouellet said he was informed that the complaint had been dismissed, in particular because the complainant had chosen, after filing her complaint, not to meet the people responsible for the investigation.

He denies having had any reprehensible behavior towards this woman, and adds that to his knowledge, she has not made any request to reactivate the complaint process.

He also recalls that he is not the subject of any complaint by the latter before the courts civilians, this second complainant not being registered in the class action against the Diocese of Quebec.

Cardinal Ouellet is not the subject of any criminal charges either .

He concludes his missive by reiterating the importance for all victims of sexual abuse to denounce and not to be discouraged by this type of publication.

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