Cardiologist told about the way to reduce pressure for 15 minutes

Кардиолог рассказал о способе снижения давления за 15 минут

Director of the Center for prevention and sports medicine at the Technical University of Munich, member of the scientific Advisory Board of the German heart Foundation cardiologist Martin Hall explained, what methods will help to reduce the pressure without the use of drugs. This was reported by the German portal

According to him, the pressure, even if it increased slightly, leading to problems with blood vessels and heart. “The heart muscle is forced to constantly deal with high pressure, so it wears out quickly,” said the doctor.

The cardiologist listed the three main reasons causing high blood pressure — lack of physical activity, poor nutrition and excess weight

Therefore, a daily 15 minute walk in the fresh air can lower blood pressure by 5-8 mm Hg. Can help changes in diet – for example, the replacement of sausage and bread assorted vegetables. Excess weight is better to get rid of each harvested kilogram reduces the load on the heart and blood vessels.

These three changes can prevent about 50% of cases of strokes and heart attacks.

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