Careless decision: 6 mistakes in kitchen renovation, which are often regretted


December 23, 2021, 15:11 | In the world

Impractical solutions in kitchen design.

Reckless decision: 6 mistakes at repairs in the kitchen, which are often regretted

When arranging the kitchen, one should not forget about the nuances, without which the kitchen will become uncomfortable, and cooking will become annoying. We list the most common solutions for the kitchen, which are regretted after renovation, informs Ukr.Media.

Difficult-to-maintain materials

Before buying a glass table or a set with dark glossy facades, carefully study the reviews on the Internet. Surfaces on which fingerprints, as well as drops of water or fat are clearly visible, make the kitchen untidy and difficult to clean.

The place for cooking should be as practical as possible.

Small number of sockets

This issue must be resolved in advance, before the start of repairs: insufficient attention to it will lead to discomfort in the future. In order not to make a mistake with the number of electrical outlets, it is necessary to count the number of appliances used in the kitchen and add another 25%, since the number of appliances may increase over time.

It is recommended to understand the layout of the headset before installing the sockets: it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the furniture so that the wire terminals do not end up in inaccessible places.

Open storage

Daily cooking requires convenient organization of space, so kitchen owners often place railings, shelves and hooks on the walls for quick access to the necessary utensils. With the help of wall storage, the worktop is relieved, but because of the many small objects, the situation looks cluttered.

When designing railings, it is important to maintain a balance without overloading the interior. Also, do not forget that dust and grease accumulate on open objects. The main part of dishes and appliances should be in cupboards, otherwise cleaning will be long and difficult.

Small sink

An inconvenient sink is another decision that is regretted after the renovation. When trying to save space, owners of compact kitchens install a small sink, where it is inconvenient to store dirty dishes. The problem is partially solved by installing a dishwasher, but when cleaning vegetables or washing fruit, splashes continue to fly outside the sink.

The walls get dirty faster because of tiny sinks, and the countertop swells due to moisture. Do not save on the dimensions of the sink in favor of the work surface. You can cook both on the dining table and on the converted windowsill.

Lack of lighting

If you have not provided lighting devices above the work surface, it will be uncomfortable to cook and wash dishes with only ceiling lighting: the shadow of your head or kitchen cabinets will fall on the countertop. Lighting in the kitchen is better planned before the repair, otherwise it will be difficult to hide the wires later.

Warm white light is considered the most pleasing to the eyes. It can be provided by built-in or overhead lights.

Predominance of bright shades

You should not choose a set based on the appearance of the kitchen in the showroom. What may seem fashionable and beautiful in the salon, will look completely different at home. Most likely, the too saturated color of the facades will start to annoy you even during the installation of the kitchen.

Avoid clean, juicy shades – they cheapen the interior and quickly get bored. Basic colors (white, gray), wood, as well as a restrained natural palette are always relevant.

Rejection of useful equipment

This decision can bring a headache to any kitchen owner: saving on a hood or a dishwasher and not providing a place for them, you may soon regret it.

Without a hood, walls and floors will quickly be covered with plaque, textiles will leak smells, and the kitchen will have to be aired more often. Without a dishwasher, you will spend more time washing dishes and increase water consumption.

When arranging a kitchen space, carefully study the advice of experts and the opinions of ordinary users. This will allow you to avoid making mistakes that you will regret.


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