Caribbean Series 2023 in Caracas will be in a stadium with 40,000 fans

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  • Serie del Caribe 2023 in Caracas will be in a stadium with 40 thousand fans

< p>The 65th edition of the Baseball Caribbean Series will be held in the United States. It will be held in Caracas, Venezuela, from next February 2 to 11.

It will have a 2019 event. 8 teams will participate, since Cuba and Curaçao were added as guests to the participants of the 2022 Caribbean classic. The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama and Panama will also compete. and Colombia. 

In addition, it will be a It was held in a spectacular new stadium that welcomes 40,000 fans. It is the La Rinconada park, with 7 levels and 15 elevators, which will It will be inaugurated on the occasion of the Caribbean classic, according to details of the Caribbean baseball commissioner Juan Francisco Puello Herrera.

In another sense, the 2024 Caribbean series will have more than 100,000 fans. The beautiful stadium of the Miami Marlins will be hosted by a special agreement with this organization.

These details and others are offered by Puello Herrera in an interview for the Listín Diario Sports News with the sports editor Héctor J. Cruz.  here You can enjoy full video content on the entire Listín platform.