Carnival Row season 2: a teaser for the Amazon series that everyone has forgotten

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A teaser for the final season of Carnival Row has just dropped from the skies, heralding the return of the series to Amazon Prime Video in 2023.

A remnant of Amazon's original series, Carnival Row had undoubtedly seen its fans despair of seeing its sequel land or at least a conclusion to its story, from its beginnings. However, his original concept of urban and Victorian fantasywas enough to allow this intriguing black thriller to float in the field of television offers, all the more so if we consider its headliners. Admittedly, they are not so much the actors of the moment anymore, but in 2019, Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne still enjoyed enough aura to carry an ambitious project on their shoulders.

With Guillermo del Toro producing and directing some episodes, Carnival Row was full of promise. In the end, it is in general indifference that his first season will have rested, despite several fairly positive public returns. Then suddenly – when oblivion had almost entirely triumphed over its existence – an unexpected teaser has just dropped to announce the second and final season.

The time of the reunion is very short, but nevertheless offers us a new insight into the characters of Rycroft and Vignette. As the fairy drops her companion into the void, in a rather pretty scene of tragic separation, the last images reveal her hesitation to catch up with him. Betrayal or symbolic testing of the couple? The mystery hovers.

Be that as it may, after a long wait and delayed filming due to the pandemic, die-hard Carnival Row fans will finally have the chance to know the rest of the series, even if unfortunately, this second act will also be the last. An opportunity for Amazon not to leave this story in the lurch, however, without a satisfactory outcome.

It remains to be seen if the return will be a winner and not a wet firecracker knowing that everything will have to be wrapped up in the space of only ten episodes. This final season will therefore be available on Amazon Prime Video from February 17, 2023, four years after the first season. Now that the streaming platform has gained popularity with bigger series like The Boys or The Rings of Power, it remains to be seen if the series will find a wider audience, curious to give it a chance.

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