Carrefour Jackpot Days: Samsung QLED TV promotions not to be missed

From Monday April 11 to Sunday April 17, 2022 inclusive, it's Jackpot days on The brand offers you vouchers: €15 from €200, €25 from €300, €55 from €500, €100 from €800 for purchases of non-food products (High-Tech, Garden, Home and Recreation)*.

Carrefour Jackpot Days: Samsung QLED TV promotions not to be missed

The best of TV at a reduced price

QLED is a technology developed by Samsung that relies on Quantum Dot to provide the best image. It is simply the best value for money for a TV. Indeed, the colors are more vivid and the brightness is very high, regardless of the level of lighting in the room. The images offered are very realistic, the details are enhanced.

Carrefour Jackpot Days : Samsung QLED TV promotions not to be missed

139cm QLED Neo TV

Samsung 1199€ instead of 1499€ I buy

Carrefour offers a €400 discount for this Samsung TV, it is offered at €1199 instead of €1499. This 55-inch television has Quantum HDR technology, each image is optimized and therefore all the details are visible. It is equipped with the Surround sound system, which will enhance the immersion of the viewer.

Carrefour Jackpot Days: Samsung QLED TV promotions not to be missed

140cm Neo QLED TV

Samsung 1499€ instead of 2699€ I buy

This 140cm screen is equipped with 8k technology, definition 8 times better than an HD screen, the images are as precise as in reality. It displays better contrasts, thanks to a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels. 8k will increase the angles, so it is important to have a large enough TV, 140cm is a good size. The 140cm Neo QLED TV has a discount of €1200, its price is €1499 instead of €2699.

Carrefour Jackpot Days: Samsung QLED TV promotions not to be missed

176cm QLED 4K UHD TV

Samsung €999 instead of €1499 I'm buying

Excellent value for money for this very large 176cm QLED 4K UHD TV screen, it's €999 instead of €1499 on the Carrefour website. Fans of sports, cinema, series or video games will love this size and image quality. For gamers, the experience will be even more immersive, the display surface can be extended depending on the content. In addition, its slim and elegant design allows it to fit perfectly into your living room.

Carrefour Jackpot Days: Samsung QLED TV promotions not to be missed

TV Neo QLED 8K UHD 189cm

Samsung 3499€ instead of 4499€ I buy

This is one of the best TV screens out there, the Neo QLED 8K UHD 189cm TV. Its size is totally insane, you will feel like you are participating in the sporting event or the movie you are watching. This TV has the best of technologies: a perfect image in 8k, incredible contrast thanks to Quantum HDR 2000, the OTS+ system for an even more realistic sound experience, the Q-Symphony function for perfect harmonization between the soundbar and the loudspeakers. -speakers. Your viewing experience will be completely new.

*Offer reserved for individuals.

  • The offer applies to the total amount paid for non-food products in the High-Tech, Garden, Home and Leisure departments (discounts deducted) sold by Carrefour (excluding marketplace partner sellers) and for all services (Home delivery, Drive, Retrait Express) on between Monday 11 and Sunday 17 April 2022 inclusive with the following levels: 15 euros offered in vouchers from 200€ of purchase of non-food basket, 25€ from 300 €, €55 from €500, €100 from €800.
  • A voucher will be sent to you in the form of a promotional code by email on Wednesday April 20, 2022 and will be valid from Wednesday April 20 to Wednesday May 4, 2022 inclusive on the www.carrefour website. fr in home delivery or in Drive hypermarket or supermarket.

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