Cars and streets under water: a powerful downpour hit Moscow (video)


Cars and streets under water: a powerful downpour hit Moscow (video)

In some areas of the Russian capital, up to 10 mm of rain fell in less than 1 hour. Some drivers climbed onto the roofs of cars – the water hid the wheels of the vehicles.

On July 25, the streets of Moscow turned into rivers due to heavy rain, in less than an hour in some areas up to 10 mm of rain fell. This was announced by the complex of urban economy of the Russian capital in Telegram.

The maximum amount of precipitation fell in the eastern and southeastern administrative districts of Moscow. Water on the streets almost completely hid the wheels of cars on Mira Avenue, Entuziastov Highway, Korolev Street, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Rabochaya Street and others.

Flooded streets and floating cars can be seen on the video from social networks. Some drivers climbed onto the roofs of cars.

Russian media and residents of the capital in social networks write about heavy rain in the north-east of the city, in the areas of South Medvedkovo, Babushkinsky, Metrogorodok, Golyanovo, North Izmailovo and others.

“The Highway of Enthusiasts is floating – the storm drains failed. A waterfall appeared under the overpass near the Botanichesky Sad metro station: whole streams of water are poured from above. The tunnel on Rabochaya Street was completely flooded – the cars disappeared under water up to the roof. Drivers get out of cars through the hatch,” the publication reported.

Moscow authorities are convinced that the city's drainage network can cope with precipitation. Forecasters of Roshydromet warned of rain, thunderstorms and wind gusts up to 17 m/s in the afternoon.

Drivers were asked to slow down and increase the distance from the cars in front, avoid sudden maneuvers and not park cars near trees.

In Lviv on July 5, there was a heavy downpour, rainfall damaged the roofs of more than 20 residential buildings, water flows demolished cars.

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