Catalyst thefts on the rise in Quebec

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Catalyst thefts on the rise in Quebec

Catalytic converters are worth their weight in gold for many thieves.

Catalytic converters are in the crosshairs of criminals in Quebec. The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) noted an increase in the number of 911 calls for thefts from this room in the past year.

The SQ received 876 reports for thefts of catalysts in 2022, compared to 765 in 2021. Statistics that do not cover the territories served by municipal bodies, the SPVM and the SPVQ, for example.

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This increase does not surprise Stéphane Beaupré, advisor at Silencieux Gosselin, in Quebec. Every day, he estimates that between two and five customers show up at his store with stolen catalysts.

Stéphane Beaupré advises motorists to park their vehicles in well-lit places.

We have developed an expertise, he said. We are now with guys who are used to this replacement.

SUVs, vehicles a little higher off the ground, anything lower, we very rarely see that happen , he notes.

The catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system which reduces polluting emissions produced by gasoline engines. This piece is increasingly coveted by thieves because of the noble and rare metals used to make it, which have increased in value in recent years.

Between two and five customers come to Silencieux Gosselin every day for stolen catalysts, according to the company.

Equipped with the right tools, an individual can steal a catalyst in minutes and pocket hundreds of dollars reselling the part.

There is no there is no miracle solution to prevent this type of theft. It's common sense, believes Jesse Caron, spokesperson for CAA Quebec.

If you have a garage, you park the vehicle inside, says the carrier. word. Secondly, the famous motion sensor lights can be installed outside the house.

They also sell metal plates or Kevlar coated wires that can deter thieves from attacking your catalytic converter.

Jesse Caron suggests that citizens get vehicles that are lower on wheels, sedans and compact cars, for example, which make access to the catalyst more difficult.< /p>

Jesse Caron is spokesperson for CAA Quebec (File photo)

Stéphane Beaupré also recommends that residents park their vehicles in well-lit areas.

With the collaboration of Frédérique Guy

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