Catalysts are the target of thieves


Catalysts are the target thieves

The catalysts contain rare metals, wanted by thieves.

Catalysts, a part you rarely hear about on a vehicle, are the target of many thieves.

The resale market of this piece has been exploding for a few years. The catalyst is part of the exhaust system of a gasoline vehicle. It may be under the hood, but is most often located under the vehicle, so with the right tools the part is easy to steal.

You have to look at the metals inside, underlines a mechanic, Éric Veilleux. There is platinum, rhodium, palladium.

It is these metals that explain the resale price of catalysts. The price of these metals has exploded in recent years, so Éric Veilleux is monitoring their evolution on the market.

It started at around $500 an ounce in 2017 and in March 2021 it was $27,000 an ounce, describes the mechanic.

These prices mean that, over the past ten years, the resale price of a used catalyst has doubled, tripled or even quadrupled, sometimes going from $300 to $1,200, depending on the model.

There are specialized companies for the recycling of catalysts, such as Metonor, which buy catalysts.

We have already been robbed, even here in the company, says the customer service agent at Metonor, Marie-Josée Pelletier.

Marie-Josée Pelletier explains that, to resell a catalyst at Metonor , the seller must prove that the catalyst belongs to him, with his registration certificate. Those who steal the catalysts, it's easier for them to resell them on the Internet, believes Marie-Josée Pelletier.

However, there is a device that can be soldered to protect the catalysts, but still few garages offer this service in Quebec.

According to the report by Alexis Tremblay


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