Cate Blanchett presented a documentary about the battle for Kharkov


    Cate Blanchett presented a documentary about the battle for Kharkov

    Legendary Hollywood actress and part-time UN Goodwill Ambassador for Refugees Cate Blanchett presented a documentary a film about the battle for Kharkov called Ukraine: Life Under Attack (“Ukraine: Life under attack”). The movie star created it together with the former editor of the British Channel 4 News channel, Benjamin de Pier.

    The 47-minute video introduces the viewer to a Kharkiv employee of the DSNS and two paramedics who continued to work in the zone of active hostilities . The film premiered on Channel 4, and now it is available on the channel's website, but registration is required. 

    The peculiarity of the documentary project is that it shows the war in Kharkiv through the eyes of its inhabitants. Blanchett herself became the voice of the film, telling the story of the battle for the city.

    The film shows the completely destroyed residential buildings of Kharkiv residents, the destroyed Northern Saltovka, the townspeople who were forced to go down to the subway and other basements due to regular shelling and missile strikes. So, in one of the shots, a little Kharkiv resident, together with her mother, continues to do school assignments in a bomb shelter.

    “This is actually a touching portrait of life in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region from the point of view of civilians and emergency services who remained in the city during the Russian invasion,” executive producer Nevin Mabro said.


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