Catnip: why is it needed and what is its effect


March 3, 2019, 09:02 | Animals

Is catnip safe for cats, how does it affect them and for what purpose is it most often used.

Catnip: why is it needed and what is its effect

Even those who have never had a pet know that cats simply adore catnip. And when a kitten appears in the house, people are always interested in whether it is possible to give catnip to a cat and what will happen if the animal does get to it? You should not worry, because this plant does not contain anything that can harm your pet's health.

Otherwise, if a cat eats a lot of dried mint, a disorder may occur. stomach, but this is unlikely and passes quickly, informs Ukr.Media.

Why do you need catnip

In the case of humans, catnip is widely used due to its many qualities, including a positive effect on the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and appetite disturbances. But today we are talking about pets and we are interested in how catnip is used for cats.

Today, it is most often used as a means of attracting the cat's attention. For example, if you need to get the kitten used to clawing (so that he doesn't use the furniture to sharpen his claws), or to awaken the cat's interest in a new toy, or even just to make it more playful. How catnip is used for these purposes, we told a little below.

Where to buy catnip

Specially for use on cats, catnip is produced in the form of a spray and in the usual form of “dried crushed leaves”. The latter option can be found in any pharmacy, and in the form of a spray for cats – in a pet store.

The price of catnip for cats in the form of a spray is from 50 to 250 hryvnias.

How to use catnip

  • Catnip in the form of a spray is used as follows: the spray is sprayed on a claw, a toy or a couch to which the cat needs to be trained. The animal will very quickly feel the aroma that attracts its attention, and therefore later you will not pull it away from the couch or toy until the product has weathered.
  • In its usual form (crushed grass), catnip is usually used in special toys – falls asleep inside the toy, after which it becomes very interesting for the cat.

It is worth noting that catnip is often used as a sedative for cats. However, this approach is incorrect, since this product has a stimulating effect on cats, not a sedative. Some pets can become calmer from it, while others, on the contrary, become more active. For some cats, catnip does not work at all.

Toys for cats with catnip

In addition to toys that are filled with mint, there are toys for cats that are pre-impregnated with catnip. Examples of such toys can be seen in the photo, they are quite simple and inexpensive (here is the price of a set of “balls with a mouse” only 69 hryvnias).

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/kotjacha-mjata-dlja-chogo-vona-potribna-i-jakij-vid-neyi-efekt-7292579.jpg" alt="Cat peppermint: why is it needed and what is its effect" />

The main advantage of such toys is that they are already impregnated with this agent to attract the attention of cats, thanks to which you do not have to buy a spray with catnip separately catnip.

Feedbacks about catnip

There are a lot of reviews about catnip on forums and specialized services Mint. In most cases, owners respond positively to sprays and ordinary dried mint and say that these products do their job well. However, some note that their cats do not react at all to catnip.


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