Cats on a mission – new trending blog about Science Cats and Space

Cats on a mission – new trending blog about Science Cats and Space

A new group of enthusiasts has emerged in popularizing science. It’s called “Cats on a mission“. They harshly started posting on Twitter and Instagram funny pictures on scientific topics with cats. Nobody knows who is doing this. Many popular bloggers and writers have already subscribed to the group’s Twitter and Instagram. Among of them, Eva Alton Sparkles Author of Stray Witch – A novel about a Clueless witch and a quirky vampire, and many other bloggers and artists with many thousands of followers. The group is especially popular with Japanese subscribers. Also, some very popular ones have been spotted here.

It‘s a well-known fact that pets make most people happy. That’s why Instagram has become a popular platform for so-called petfluencers, people showing off their animals online. Most popular petfluencer Jiffpom has about 6.4 million followers, reportedly.
Sure, this is not the first project like this. Even… not. I would say, images of cats make up some of the most viewed content on the web. Who did not use cats for popularizing something or just for hype? Symon’s Cat, Nyan cat, Maru, Grampy cats, Colonel Meow, Sam, Nala cat… This list is endless. Some cats, dogs, and other pets who tweet also have their own blogs. It has become such a big phenomenon. Like the other communities (for example “mommy bloggers”) pet bloggers are starting to have influence among consumers in recommending products, spreading news!

Cats are so popular on the Internet, so popular that newspeak has developed – Catstogram, Catstronomy, Caturday… I even didn’t mention the classics – starting from Tom and Jerry, Garfield, Felix. Scientists are people obsessed with cats also. There is a popular hashtag among science people #sciencecats. Under this tag posted so many photos of cats in Lab, Cats sleeping on science books, cats typing thesis. There is a story about French chemist Bernard Courtois discovered iodine with the help of his cat. In January of 2014, it was started the research project “99 Lives Cat Whole Genome Sequencing Initiative”. Scientists want to collect all genome samples for complete genome decoding.

Covid-19 is our new reality. Never before we spent so much time at home with our kids, wives, husbands, and pets. But cats are always on self-isolation. We suddenly found ourselves in the same boat. Now cats are 24/7 with us. They help us in our day-to-day lives and helps to handle the stress. If you didn’t know, the fact is Snapchat (app and most popular network for youngsters) is now able to reliably detect cat’s faces on photo. Before it was possible only for humans and some breeds of dogs. Camera-maker Sony announced it was developing autofocus technology that worked on animals, to make sure their eyes appeared in sharp focus.

So let’s get back to “Cats on a mission”. While I was writing this article they added a couple more funny pics in Instagram profile and got hundreds of likes. But my favorite picture is still “The beginning of the Universe. True story”. Ok, Stop talking, just go to the site “Cats on a mission” ( and follow them on all popular social media. Meow!

Felix Meowsky, cat-writer

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