“Cats take our diseases upon themselves, and communicate with each other mentally”

“Cats take our diseases upon themselves, and communicate with each other mentally”

Tatiana Chernova. Photo by Yana Pukhovskoy Expert-felinologist, Secretary General of the World Cat Federation Tatyana Chernova from Riga talks about cat psychology

Source: zen.yandex.ru

Seals are provocateurs

· Cats can force us to do whatever is beneficial to them. Three of my sphinx girls woke me up at five in the morning today and are now sleeping perfectly under my blanket, from under which I was pushed out.

· When you come home, they show with all their appearance how they were waiting for you for a long time, they sat, poor things, near the door (and they themselves are still warm from sleep and stagger). Complain that no one fed them. It doesn't matter that the husband just gave them a large portion of food. They will show me how poor and unhappy they are and how no one feeds them.

· Cats teach us to order. The kitchen should always be perfectly clean. If you leave something, it will either be eaten, or sniffed, licked, bitten. Therefore, we remove and hide everything from the table. While we are at home, they understand the word “no” and try not to walk around the table. But as soon as we go out the door …

How cats communicate with us

· Cats are incredible, all understanding creatures. My sphinxes have long fingers on their arms. It is on the handles, not on the legs. Once the cat took some thing in its paw, turned it towards itself and began to examine it. Just like a person. Or a creature from another planet.

· Cats have their own communication style. They convey information to us in ways we understand. My cat gave birth to kittens, completely naked, without hair. Such people should sleep on an electric heating pad. At night, the heating pad turned off, so the cat jumped onto my bed, looked at me intently, then returned to its nest box, looked at me from there, then jumped under the covers again. And so several times, until it dawned on me that something was wrong. I looked, but the heating pad was cold.

Communication at the level of thoughts and feelings

· Have you ever seen that if one of your loved ones is not at home, at some point the cat sits at the door and waits? The person is still not visible, not audible, but she already feels his approach.

· Did you know that cats speak only for us, but they communicate with each other mentally? This “meow meow” is only for people who have lost the ability to communicate telepathically.

· Recently I was in China, and a Chinese breeder told me that her cat loves me. And how is this expressed? They explained to me that this cat behaves well only on my table. He has a very bad temper – he bites and scratches the judges and the hostess. The breeder brings it to my desk, and the cat begins to fondle me. Rides on the table, in every possible way shows his location. I was leading the ring – I pulled the cat out of the cage, told about him, and he behaved like an artist – and so he would stand up, and that way, and he would grab the claw-rail. He behaved remarkably. I could not even imagine that this cat could be aggressive.

· Felines have a strict hierarchy. They clearly understand who is more important than whom. In the house where they live, all family members are arranged in a hierarchical ladder. For us, for example, the main one is my husband, then maybe me or they – depending on the situation. For an older cat, she definitely follows her husband, and I only later. And somewhere far, far below our children. The older cat helped raise the daughters when they were young. If the children talked loudly, shouted or jumped, she bit them lightly, called to order.

Cats treat

· Cats always try to sit down to a person exactly where it hurts or where there is a problem. Once I was brought from the hospital after a leg operation. The leg is plastered, the pain is hellish. All three cats climbed onto the plaster cast and sat glued to it. Even my husband could not drive them away – they returned. They warmed up the sore leg with their hot little bodies to the point that the bone was burning. And my husband had a sore throat. He lay down, and our old cat lay down on his throat, wrapping him up like a collar. She was very uncomfortable, she tossed and turned, grumbled, showed dissatisfaction with her whole appearance – they say, they are ill here, and we treat them! But all the same, she attached her plump ass. She lay down and stopped grumbling.

· In Latvia there is a cat's club Cat's Meow, whose members periodically came with their cats to the rehabilitation center after a stroke, as stroke survivors feel better after communicating with cats. But here there is one very serious point – cats, unfortunately, take diseases upon themselves. My daughter took a cat to this center, so she then threw herself at the door all night and tried to get out. She had never done that before. She realized that she had not completed her work to the end. Cats take the disease upon themselves and die. It's good that many different cats were brought to the center, and each one helped a little. In many hospitals in America, cat therapy has been practiced for a long time.

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