“Causes respect”: Putin’s ally said that China will take Taiwan for itself at the “right time”

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One of the top allies of the head of the Kremlin said that the Chinese Communist Party is doing everything right in trying to take Taiwan. Taipei has already responded.

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The executive director of Rosneft and one of Vladimir Putin's closest allies, Igor Sechin, praised the Chinese leadership and said that Taiwan would return to its “home harbor” in due time. This is what Reuters writes.

Thus, Sechin said that the decisions of the 20th CPC Congress, which consolidated Xi Jinping's position as China's most influential leader since Mao Zedong, would ensure the country's exit to a new level of development. At the same time, the West is watching with concern as ties between Russia and China are growing stronger.

“The position of the (Chinese) leadership is respectable, which calmly and openly, without false premises, sets out its positions even on the most difficult issues. Such as the problem of Taiwan, which can be assessed as somewhat exaggerated,” Sechin said at the international economic forum in Baku .

He said the U.S. efforts to create its own sophisticated microchip industry showed that “Taiwan's homecoming” is “on schedule.”

Republic of Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned these comments, saying that only the inhabitants of the island can decide their future.

“Neither our government, nor the people, nor the international community can accept China's absurd statements or humiliate Taiwan's sovereign status,” the statement said. territory, and over the past two years has increased military and political pressure on the island. Taipei strongly rejects Beijing's claim to sovereignty.

Russia has repeatedly warned the United States against interfering in China's affairs, while President Vladimir Putin has openly supported Xi Jinping. The defeated government of the Republic of China fled to the island in 1949 after the defeat in the civil war with the Communists of Mao Zedong.

We also recall that China can seize the Far East of the Russian Federation instead of Taiwan. Russia is close to a fiasco in the invasion of Ukraine, they do not have enough forces. Against this background, Xi Jinping's power is only increasing, which can whet Beijing's appetite all the way to Vladivostok.