Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)

Not all stars can call school years wonderful. It's hard to imagine, but many of them in childhood were considered outsiders, and their peers frankly did not like them. But here are a few examples of how popularity and recognition at school don't mean anything yet. After all, these celebrities were able to prove that swans grow from ugly ducklings.

Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)


Angelina Jolie

Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)

In principle, it is understandable why the girl, who always preferred black clothes, did “funeral” make-up, painted coffins, crosses and other gloomy pictures, both classmates and teachers avoided. By the way, Jolie herself did not seek to establish contact with others, was rude and frankly sent them. As a result, the teachers decided that the girl was absolutely asocial, transferred her to a correctional class and forced her to study with a psychotherapist. There was a time when the girl seriously considered suicide.

But it wasn't just her behavior that caused Angelina to be an outcast. They laughed at her for being too thin and too big for lips. Also, peers did not like the girl's long legs and broad shoulders. Interestingly, one of them might have thought that in a dozen years, girls all over the world will go to plastic surgeons with a request to make “lips like Jolie's”?


Tom Cruise

Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)

Are you also surprised to see handsome Tom Cruise on the rogue list? But there were times when the future idol of millions of viewers had to endure attacks from peers.

The fact is that the actor did not stay for a long time in any of the schools, having changed them 15 times. The people around him considered the boy retarded, laughed at his small stature. Therefore, he knows firsthand how difficult it is for newcomers to find a common language with classmates. Tom recalls that he was often beaten, and he defended himself as best he could, but soon he himself began to attack first. In addition, Cruz suffered from dyslexia, which manifested itself in the fact that the actor still cannot really read.


Lady Gaga

Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)

Once the singer admitted that she considers her school years to be the most terrible in her life. The fact is that Lady Gaga has always been strange, and if now this is her feature, then as a child she caused a lot of problems. Peers did not like the big nose of the actress, they did not understand why she painted so brightly and considered her fat. All this led to the fact that the girl, wanting to lose weight, at the age of 15 brought herself to anorexia and bulimia. Unable to tolerate bullying anymore, Stephanie (the singer's real name) persuaded her father to transfer her to a private school.

But at the university, Lady Gaga could not find a common language with her fellow students: they not only considered her strange, but even in one of the social networks they created a group in which they discussed the girl and argued that she would never become famous. But, as they say, the one who laughs last laughs well.


Taylor Swift

Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)

This is not to say that classmates openly mocked Swift (they did not lock her in the toilet, no), but they did not seek to take her to their company. The singer recalls that she was not considered “cool” and her peers, organizing the next party, openly said that “everyone is going except Taylor.” The star admits that she began writing songs only because of the oppressive loneliness.


George Clooney

Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)

In childhood, trouble happened to the future actor: he was paralyzed half of his face, because of which his left eye practically stopped opening. Probably, this disease was transmitted to the boy from his father. But for classmates, this was just another reason for ridicule. The Clooney was nicknamed “Frankenstein” and did not miss an opportunity to mock him.

But, fortunately, the illness receded after a year. However, George decided to transfer to another school, where he was warmly received. The future actor began to play sports and finally got rid of complexes about his appearance.


Charlize Theron

Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)

During her school years, one of the most beautiful and successful actresses in Hollywood had a hard time. The fact is that Charlize was far from being considered a beauty: she wore glasses with thick lenses, was angular and awkward. Naturally, the boys did not pay attention to her, and she herself sought friendship with the most popular girl in school in order to somehow gain authority.

Seeing how hard Theron was, her mother transferred her to a ballet school. But it didn't get any easier here either. The fact is that the father of the future world celebrity shamelessly drank and became aggressive in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Once, defending herself from the attacks of her husband, Charlize's mother shot him. And although the court recognized that it was self-defense, the nickname “daughter of a criminal” stuck to Theron. Moreover, even teachers joined the bullying. But this time too, the parent came to the rescue, taking the girl from the school.


Victoria Beckham

Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)

The singer and designer was born into a wealthy family: even a personal driver brought her to school. But even that didn’t stop her from being “the most unpopular girl in the class”. The guys called her “sticky Vicki” and “her face with pimples”, pushed her, threw off her textbooks … The girl more than once became a “living target”: her peers threw clods of dirt at her. Victoria could not fight back, which further irritated those around her. But now she is considered one of the most successful women of our time.


Winona Ryder

Celebrities who were outcasts at school (PHOTOS)

The Hollywood actress had a very hard time at school. But all right, classmates would just verbally mock her, once they crossed the line. The school bullies caught the girl in the toilet, banged her head on the door and started beating her in such a way that after Winona had to get stitches in the hospital. However, years later Ryder had a chance to take revenge on one of the offenders. In the cafe, by that time, a girl approached the famous actress for an autograph, in whom she recognized one of the offenders from the toilet. Then the star recalled that case to the fan and sent her in front of everyone, without choosing expressions.

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