Celebrity couples whose love stories are like melodrama (PHOTOS)

Celebrity couples whose love stories are like melodrama (PHOTOS)

Often, stars meet at social events or on film sets. “Classic office romances” – you say. But in life there are also unusual dating scenarios. The relationship between our heroes today is far from standard, and yet it has led to the kind of romantic stories that can be written into plays.

Celebrity couples whose love stories are like melodrama (PHOTOS)


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Bill

Celebrity couples whose love stories are like melodrama (PHOTOS)

He is the idol of girls, a star whose songs are known to millions of music lovers of the planet. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Their acquaintance took place at a closed party in honor of the closing ceremony of the Golden Globe. They had a nice chat, and that was all. There was nothing else. But a charming girl sunk into the soul of a handsome Hollywood man. And what do you think? The American macho felt embarrassed. He was afraid of refusal, so he asked his friend and mutual acquaintance to call Jessica and find out if Justin himself could call her. And only when the girl confirmed, he called her back.

During a frank interview, Justin told reporters why he did this. A secretive romantic, he stuck to traditional dating methods. “Nobility should not die with the birth of the Internet,” he said. The chosen one, in his opinion, should hear the living voice of the admirer. Jessica did not agree immediately, but Justin knows how to get his way.

The singer once called his love an unusual girl, so he chose a six-carat diamond ring in the old style as a wedding ring. Its cost was 130 thousand dollars. This marriage turned out to be happy, and now the couple is raising an adorable daughter. In an interview, Jessica admitted that Justin is the most dear person in her life for her.


Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford

Celebrity couples whose love stories are like melodrama (PHOTOS)

The Mulligan family is originally from England. But when Carey was only three years old, her father, who runs the European hotel chain Intercontinental, was assigned to Germany. Therefore, the future actress spent her childhood, one might say, in five-star hotels. Due to the constant moving, it was difficult for her to make close friends. But in the UK she had a childhood friend with whom she kept in touch for a long time. And then one day, for the first time in many years, they met.

It happened in Nashville, at a private party for the group Mumford & Sons. According to one of the witnesses, they played music and ate pizza. It turned out that her pen friend became the frontman of this group. That evening, Marcus and Carey were thrilled and gave each other long, intriguing looks. A few days later, Mulligan and Mumford went to a secret show Arcade Fire in New York, and then went to a private club. And after five months of a whirlwind romance, the couple got married on the Somerset estate, England. Now they have two children and a happy family life. Why is their love story not suitable for a romantic film script?


Rita Ora and Calvin Harris

Celebrity couples whose love stories are like melodrama (PHOTOS)

Calvin Harris is a successful Scottish musician who by the age of 33 managed to get the title of the richest DJ. His height is almost two meters, and his physique is such that the fashion house Armani chose him as their face in an advertising campaign in 2015. When signing contracts, he relies on personal preference, and not on the fame of the performers. So, he refused to work with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, considering the material sent for processing to be uninteresting. They listen to his opinion.

However, there was one singer who dared to contradict him. And it was British performer and actress Rita Ora. Their skirmish blew up Twitter. For some time they wrote only nasty things to each other. But, as they say, there is only one step from love to hate. Subsequently, it turned out that it was flirting, and the couple began to appear together. Alas, the romantic relationship did not last even a year, but how passionate they were!


Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

Celebrity couples whose love stories are like melodrama (PHOTOS)

The stormy life of Pamela Anderson is worthy of a writer’s pen. She constantly hits the front pages of the tabloids. What is the story of her romantic relationship with film producer Rick Salomon! The sexiest blonde in Hollywood first got him as her husband in 2007. It was in Las Vegas, where the former boyfriend of Paris Hilton came to rest. The “rescuer Malibu” also had fun there.

She had a bad evening – she spent 250 thousand dollars in poker at attractive Rick, and, without hesitation, offered a date instead of returning the debt. The winner agreed to such a barter, and as a result, after a short whirlwind romance, he led the fashion model down the aisle. However, the marriage did not last long – only a couple of months. One would have forgotten this affair, but it was repeated again. In 2013, fate brought the two together again. They did not advertise their union and secretly got married. Now the couple has parted again, but, as they say, the ways of the Lord are inscrutable.


Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroiani

Celebrity couples whose love stories are like melodrama (PHOTOS)

These two superstars have become one of the brightest couples of the last century. Moreover, their first acquaintance did not promise any romance. They met on the set of “It Only Happens to Others.” “Professional beauty” – said the Italian about the cold Frenchwoman. Both at that time were experiencing tragedies in their personal lives: Hollywood actress Faye Dunaway left Marcello, and Catherine had just broken off relations with director François Truffaut.

The subsequent days of filming also did not promise anything sensational and romantic. Until director Nadine Trintignant got to the stage when a married couple, having lost a child, no longer perceive the joys in life and are locked in their own world. For the accuracy of the acting, Nadine decides to immerse the actors in something similar for a while – she locked Catherine and Marcello in an empty house with practically no furniture, no phone or TV, and a small supply of food. This time, the man and the woman spent alone almost like their heroes. What happened behind closed doors is unknown, but both left tenderly in love.

After being imprisoned, it became clear that for these two, really, no one in the world exists, except for each other. Later in their life there were several years of passionate love, Mastroianni's divorce from his wife, marriage proposal and the birth of their daughter Chiara. Many expected otherwise, but Catherine Deneuve rejected the offer of her lover. Perhaps, in this way, the woman simply did not want a stormy divorce and the inevitable accusations during parting. Nevertheless, their romance ended, but fond memories and sincere friendship remained. “The best way to keep a man's love is not to marry him,” says the French film star. Well, you must agree – her experience in life and love is worthy of adaptation.

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