Centaur woman. Julia Fox tried on horse legs (photo)


    Centaur Woman . Julia Fox tried on horse legs (photo)

    Kanye West's ex-girlfriend went even further in her fantasy about new outrageous images.

    32-year-old Italian-American actress Julia Fox shocked the audience again. The celebrity shared a picture in a fresh provocative image on her Instagram with more than a million subscribers.

    The American star chose a rather unusual prop and bow element for a new shoot – she put on extra legs, but not human, but horse ones, wearing high black boots. Thus, Kanye West's ex-girlfriend became a centaur woman for one evening.

    In addition to the animal element, Julia Fox wore a revealing bodice and black trousers with an extremely low fit.

    As accessories for the bow, she chose a black miniature handbag and sunglasses.

    Julia's followers bombarded her with approving comments and compliments.

    “God, I love you, Julia”, “this is brilliant”, ” Hollywood stylists should take lessons from you,” the actress's followers write.

    However, not everyone liked the new “horse outfit”.

    “Stop …”, “I hope , this is satire”, “you're crazy,” Fox subscribers comment on the new image.


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