Cereals: Putin calls on Ukraine to guarantee the safety of ships | War in Ukraine

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Grains: Putin calls on Ukraine to guarantee the safety of ships | War in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday called on Ukraine to guarantee the safety of vessels using the grain export corridor, accusing it of being a 'threat' after an attack that targeted the fleet Russian in Crimea on Saturday.

Ukraine must guarantee that there will be no threat to the safety of civilian vessels, Putin told a press conference, accusing kyiv of using the grain corridor for the attack he attributes to it and which justified its withdrawal from the agreement on Ukrainian exports.

This attack was launched by Ukraine against the ships of the Black Sea Fleet (…) They created a danger for our ships and civilian ships , he continued.

This is a threat to our ships and civilian vessels, Putin added, while stressing that Russia had not withdrawn from the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports, but the #x27;had suspended.

Russian and Turkish foreign ministers Sergei Lavrov and Mevlut Cavusoglu raised the issue in a telephone conversation on Monday, according to Moscow.

Mr. Lavrov stressed the need to ensure that Ukraine guarantees that it will not use the humanitarian corridor and Ukrainian ports intended for the export of agricultural products to carry out operations against Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Only then is it possible to discuss the resumption of movement along the security corridor, he added.

Russian and Turkish Defense Ministers Sergei Shoigu and Hulusi Akar also discussed the issue on Monday.

This agreement signed in July under the aegis of the UN and Turkey had allowed the export of millions of tonnes stuck in Ukrainian ports since the start of the Russian offensive in February.

Russia has accused Ukraine of hitting its fleet in Sevastopol Bay in annexed Crimea on Saturday with aerial and submarine drones. She assured that this operation had been planned with the support of British experts.

Ukraine denounced a pretext for the suspension of the grain agreement, while London denied any involvement in the attack.

Several ships loaded with Ukrainian grain continued to use the maritime corridor on Monday. The Kremlin said it would be dangerous and difficult to continue implementing the deal without Moscow.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukraine, for its part, is determined to remain a guarantor of world food security and to continue its grain exports, President Volodymyr Zelensky assured Monday during a call with the Secretary UN General Antonio Guterres.

I spoke with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. I have confirmed Ukraine's commitment to the grain deal, Mr. Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

The United States on Monday called Moscow's demands on Ukraine a collective extortion.

< p class="styled__StyledLegend-sc-v64krj-0 cfqhYM">Moscow has suspended the grain export deal through the Black Sea following the attack on its fleet.

It either looks like collective punishment or extortion collective, US State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

This is not a question that concerns only two countries on Earth. This is an urgent imperative for developing countries, he said.

Moscow's suspension of the deal would represent collective punishment for the rest world, but particularly for low- and middle-income countries that desperately need these grains, he added.

Ned Price was alarmed the rise in food prices around the world already seen due to the uncertainty surrounding the agreement on the movement of cereals, which had been negotiated through the United Nations States and Turkey.

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