CES 2023: Are you ready to let this stroller take your baby for a walk alone?

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Here is Ella, the first smart stroller able to walk your toddler alone. Well, if you're willing to let her.

CES 2023: Are you ready to let this stroller walk your baby alone?

This is the big surprise of CES 2023. Ella, the smart stroller is named winner of the coveted innovation award at the Las Vegas show. It must be said that it is tackling a lucrative but also sensitive market, as the safety of our children is so precious to us.

At the origin of this original project, the Canadian start-up Glüxkind. Ella is therefore a smart stroller full of sensors and motors to relieve parents during walks with baby.

A smart stroller, what is it for?

Ella is able to stop itself if it is out of reach or encounters an obstacle explains The Guardian. Its motors also allow it to move on its own provided that one of the parents is behind it. No need to touch the handlebars for it to move forward, the sensors just need to detect the presence of an adult. Convenient when you have to carry a child who no longer wants to be in the stroller.

Ella is also able to assist parents on walks when the terrain is not favourable. For example, the motors assist parents on steep hills or automatically brake downhill to avoid racing, a greater risk when you know that she still weighs 13.6 kg.

Thanks to her imposing size, Ella can also carry up to six shopping bags.< /strong>It also has options for putting baby to sleep: a rocking chair mode that rocks back and forth and a customizable white noise generator.

A stroller at over 3000 euros

This tech-packed stroller is not a prototype. It will be on the market from the spring, for the moment only in North America (United States and Canada).

Its price: approximately 3,110 euros if the current euro/dollar conversion is taken into account. For its launch, Ella will be available for limited pre-order. The start-up has not communicated a launch date in Europe. But it's a safe bet that the smart stroller won't cross the Atlantic right away.

Its European marketing will also most certainly depend on the reception it receives on the American continent. European marketing standards can also delay the arrival of the product in our regions. So, ready to entrust your child to a connected stroller?

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