CES 2023: follow all the announcements live from the Las Vegas show

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CES 2023 opens its doors! Follow the main announcements of the biggest Tech show, live from Las Vegas.

CES 2023: follow all the announcements live from the Las Vegas show

This is one of the major events for the world of Tech. The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is an opportunity for Tech giants to demonstrate all their know-how. It is during this show, which takes place in Las Vegas (January 5 to 8 this year) that brands unveil their latest innovations.

After several years marked by the Covid, the CES should return to normal operation this year. Most of the big brands have also confirmed their presence and prepared important announcements. For this 2023 edition, a few trends are emerging. This year, the big star of the show should be the electric car, so much so that some observers are talking about a new car show.

Among other major trends, robots should also be in the spotlight. Screens of all kinds will of course be there: foldable, flexible, rollable, they will demonstrate the technical advances of the industry. Artificial intelligence, present throughout the show, should also generate a lot of interest.

Finally (cocorico !) French Tech is present in force at CES 2023 with no less than 200 start-ups ready to show us, perhaps, the products that we will all use tomorrow.< /p>

The entire Presse-citron team is like every year mobilized to follow this event. Find here all the most important, surprising, mind-blowing or unusual announcements from CES 2023 in Las Vegas.


  • CES 2023: live announcements
  • 20:00 Asus renews its range of ROG gaming laptops
  • 19:32 Y-Brush launches in the United States!
  • 15:56 DELL unveils the Nyx, its controller of the future that competes with that of the PS5
  • 12:08 Samsung full screen mode
  • 11:12 French Tech arrives in force at the Las Vegas show (cocorico !) < /li>
  • 10:28 What are the trends at CES 2023?
  • 10:26 When does CES 2023 start?

CES 2023: Live Announcements

20:00 Asus renews its range of ROG gaming laptops

CES 2023: follow all the live announcements from the Las Vegas show

© Asus

Recognized for its expertise in this area, Asus is renewing its range of gaming PCs bearing the ROG (Republic Of Gamers) seal. If the manufacturer does not upset the codes, it refreshes its catalog to stay on top.

All product families welcome the latest generation technologies, in particular 13th generation Intel processors or AMD Ryzen Zen 4. NVIDIA's GeForce 40 Series graphics cards are also over-represented, as are the latest Nebula screens. Some models even include Mini LED panels for an even more qualitative experience.

To find out everything about the latest ROG Strix, Zephyrus, Flow in version 2023, it’s here.

< h2 class="kel-liveblog-post-heading" id="live-9dec8d7e91ed24b392e86b891804696b"> 19:32 Y-Brush launches in the US!

CES 2023: follow all announcements live from the Las Vegas show

© Y-Brush

The Lyon-based start-up Y-Brush sets out to conquer the United States. The company promises to revolutionize the way of brushing your teeth thanks to an innovative device. For its launch in the land of Uncle Sam, Y-Brush will therefore take advantage of the showcase offered by the CES in Las Vegas. And to get its journey across the Atlantic off to a good start, the start-up has already been awarded a CES Innovation Awards 2023. Just that!

15:56 DELL unveils the Nyx, its controller of the future that competes with that of the PS5

CES 2023: follow all the announcements live from the show in Las Vegas


DELL, owner of gaming brand Alienware, has unveiled its vision for the controller of the future. Still in concept form, the Nyx is a concentrate of new technologies. In addition to PS5 controller-like haptic feedback, it incorporates a smart fingerprint reader that will allow users to instantly access their favorite games.

Because the Nyx is part of a consortium to which Alienware belongs aimed at making video games accessible everywhere, all the time, from any screen. With the Nyx it will also be possible to broadcast content on all devices and screens by making a few movements with the controller or simply by using voice assistance. And besides, she's gorgeous! More info

12:08 Samsung in fullscreen

 CES 2023: follow all the announcements live from the Las Vegas show

© Samsung Display< /p>

Samsung Display, the branch specializing in the design of screens, has unveiled a brand new technology still in the prototype stage. We knew folding screens, rollable screens, Samsung goes further and unveils a smartphone prototype capable of folding and rolling up. Called Flex Hybrid Oled, this new technology makes it possible to go from a 10.5” in 4:3 format to a 12.4” in 16:10 format. Samsung is also preparing tablets and PCs of the same kind. The computer could go from 14” at 17.3” thanks to a stretchable screen.

The Korean has also lifted the veil on new monitors that will be well marketed. One of them particularly shone with its giant format. The Odyssey Mini LED G9 has a diagonal of 57” and 8K definition, all in a curved format with a Mini LED panel. A monster that will seduce the most productive among you but also the players who will benefit from an incomparable immersion. For now, the price of this monitor is unknown, as are some other small technical details.

11:12 French Tech arrives in force at the Las Vegas show (cocorico !)

CES 2023: follow all the announcements live from the Las Vegas show

© French Tech

After two years of scarcity due to Covid 19, French Tech companies are making a strong comeback this year at CES 2023. In total, no less than 170 companies have taken their stand in the aisles from the Las Vegas show, to Eureka Park, the exhibition space reserved for start-ups.

Even if it is twice less than in 2020, France (represented by 10 regions) remains the largest foreign delegation present at the show. In an interview with Presse-citron, Clément Saad, president of French Tech Med, said:

For a long time, France has dreamed of having his own Silicon Valley. But we realized that innovation in France was everywhere.

Everywhere, we don't know, but in Las Vegas it's a certainty. Among the most represented regions, Occitanie has no less than 26 start-ups or young shoots. The Grand-Est is also well represented with 10 startups, 6 of which started in Lorraine, one of the breeding grounds for French Tech in the regions.

& #8220;The dynamism of our innovative companies and the uniqueness of our model, thanks to the support of the State, allow the entire ecosystem to fly the colors of the country in this great meeting of innovation” said Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate for Digital.

10:28 What are the trends at CES 2023?

For this 2023 edition, the CES will welcome many car manufacturers. Artificial intelligence and robots will also be the stars of the show. Display manufacturers will also unveil new technologies. Samsung, for example, should unveil prototypes of smartphones, tablets or PCs equipped with rollable screens. Finally, the metaverse should still be talked about, despite a not very encouraging year 2022 for the future of this technology.

10:26 When does CES 2023 start?

Officially, CES 2023 opens on January 5 and closes on January 8, 2023. But like every year, many automakers have scheduled announcements the day before the Las Vegas show opens. This is the case, for example, of Samsung or Asus.

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