Chainsaw Man: the anime trailer sells us dreams


Living up to all of Mappa's promises, the Chainsaw Man trailer just dropped and it's got everyone on board.

Tatsuki Fujimoto. The name of this mangaka comes up often lately and believe that it will not stop. Brilliant author of Fire Punch, Goodbye Eri and Look Back, he reached his widest audience with the manga Chainsaw Man. All fans of the work are in heaven at the moment. Between the resumption of weekly publication since July 13, and the very encouraging announcements from Mappaas for the anime adaptation, it's good to be a lover of the genre.

That's just the anime Chainsaw Man which makes noise at the time of writing the article. With the arrival of the new trailer (more than a year after the first), many were counting the days until its release. Chainsaw Man is the anime event of 2022 and therefore these new images have a heavy responsibility to meet a huge expectation. The trailer was revealed on Mappa's YouTube channel, in front of 180,000 live viewers, and it far exceeded all expectations. A short version of it was immediately relayed on Crunchyroll's Twitter account.

In October, we make history.

Chainsaw Man, exclusively on Crunchyroll.

— Crunchyroll FR ✨ (@Crunchyroll_fr) August 5, 2022

The revelation of the dubbing actors, the quality of the animation and the sound and visual atmosphere strike first. It should be noted that it is the Mappa trailer that reveals real extracts from the anime, the previous one having been designed separately. It is therefore extremely reassuring that we can see here the promises of the studio come to life. No censorship on the horizon, a very high-end aesthetic and animation and a staging that seems to perfectly fit the cinematic style of Tatsuki Fujimoto. Discover the long version:

If some may regret a lack of fantasies and pulp in these first images (the original work being very funny and sometimes parodic), we note however a real bias of Mappa which is not soulless or just conforming to a standard of quality. We feel that the art direction tends towards the more melancholic and “bureaucratic” tendencies of the world of Chainsaw Man. Which is not insignificant in this manga which is also intended to be dark, cruel and satirical in the best sense of the word.

At the both in the bone and in the heart, the realization of Mappa will undoubtedly know how to sublimate the work of Fujimoto, or less to do him justice. Chainsaw Man will likely air in October 2022 on Crunchyroll.


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