Changes are awaiting Krzysztof Krawczyk's final resting place. Public opinion criticizes Andrzej Kosmala's idea

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Once again, the media writes about the grave of the legend of the Polish music scene.

 Krzysztof Krawczyk's final resting place is undergoing changes. Public opinion criticizes Andrzej Kosmala's idea

All in all, no wonder, as the large tombstone was made according to an expensive design. It contains a lot of elements related to the artist himself and his life preferences. There is no shortage of symbolism and touching details.

The artist's widow is particularly proud of the result obtained, which was repeatedly felt from her statements about the monument to her deceased husband. Now, the Internet has been boiling once again due to the resting place of Krzysztof Krawczyk.

What changes will be made to the tombstone during the renovation?

As reported by Pomponik, a friend of the family and the singer's former manager decided that the statue of the friend would undergo a significant modification, namely to resemble the grave of Elvis Presley. According to the tabloid, Internet users did not leave a dry thread on Andrzej Kosmala, criticizing the intentions of the resting place of the idol of many Poles.

However, as it turns out, the modification of the tombstone will be made during the renovation and replacement of the cement cube with granite or marble . This is necessary because, according to Andrzej Kosmala, the crowds of people passing by every day bring a lot of candles, from which wax often leaks. This is a difficult situation to deal with, as his friend's game is plain dirty.

So where is the room for modification, like Elvis'? The gentlemen once stood over the star's grave, and his last resting place was fenced with a fence, which was remembered by the manager – The second thing that I announced from the beginning would be that the tombstone would be fenced with a fence that we saw at Elvis Presley's in Memphis. Krzysztof and I visited Elvis in Memphis and we sang “Love me Tender” over his grave – recalls Andrzej Kosmala.

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