Changes in widows' pensions. The collection of signatures has started. What provisions were included in the bill

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What changes in pensions could widowers expect?

 Changes in widows' pensions. The signature collection has started. What provisions were included in the bill

According to the portal “Super Express”, OPZZ, together with the Left, began collecting signatures, which will allow them to register the legislative initiative committee for the project on the so-called widow's pension. The planned changes are aimed at improving the financial situation of seniors, whose spouses have died. Get to know the details!

Widow's pension

The Left is once again trying to push through a law aimed at improving the economic situation of both widowers and widowers. Already in spring this year, MPs from the Left submitted a bill that has not yet been discussed by the Sejm and hardly anyone believes that it will come out of the so-called The parliamentary freezer.

This time, the Left decided to introduce the project for deliberation, presenting it as a civic initiative. The act notified in this way must be processed. The design is not the same as the original idea. Some changes were introduced to it, which citizens reported during the public consultations.

The draft indicates that widowers would still be entitled to 85 percent. the benefits their deceased spouse received. In addition, they would be entitled to 50 percent. your benefit. This would improve the financial situation of widowers and widowers who have to support themselves after the loss of their spouse.

Caption collection starts

The collection of signatures, organized by OPZZ and Lewica, starts on Tuesday, November 8. It is necessary to collect 1000 signatures that will allow the legislative initiative committee to register for the widow's pension project.

Tomasz Iwaniak from Lewica informs that the application for registration of the committee would be submitted in December this year. After its submission to the Marshal of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek, she would have two weeks to register.

“Then, until the end of March, a million signatures will be collected under the bill, which will allow the legislative process to begin” – added Iwaniak.

 Changes in widows' pensions. Collection of signature has started. What provisions were included in the bill

What do you think of the proposed changes?

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